Vet’s Appreciation Day

Saturday August 15th, was Vet’s Appreciation Day here at Quail Creek. The $10 per car day pass fee was waived for anyone that served our country at any time, and for their families. In addition to getting into the lake free all day, family activities were provided for them. Even the guy that rents out paddle boards and kayaks gave free one hour passes to use his equipment to the vets and their families.

The entrance to the lake was decorated with red, white, and blue flags that the winter camp host, Helen, made for the occasion.


Helen and her husband Chuck had their flag waving at their camp site


 And Bill and I had our flag out as well



Everything was set to show our Vet’s and their families a fun-filled day at Quail Creek. But before the festivities began that afternoon, Bill and I took another drive to Tuacahn (where we saw Sister Act last Monday) to check out the Saturday Family Market Festival.


 The entire parking lot was filled with artists from all over displaying and selling their goods. So many beautiful things to look at, but now that we are living small in our motorhome, I’m just as happy to look, and keep my commitment to not buy, anything we don’t need.




 However, it just so happened that I needed, and have been looking for, something small that I can put on the little ledge on our table, for our outgoing mail, so I don’t forget to mail it. And for our expense receipts so I don’t forget to enter them into our monthly budget…. For those of you that knew me when I worked in Corporate…, and knew how I HATED budget…., Well, yes, we do have a real budget, that I created in an Excel Spreadsheet, and that yours truly maintains… go figure right… ?? 🙂

Until now, our outgoing mail and receipts looked like this, and could easily get lost in the shuffle of clearing the table for meals…. I know, it’s not a BIG mess, but keep in mind when you are living small…., things tend to grow on their own if they are not contained…. 🙂


Anyway…, this tiny little adorable wire purse that I found in the Tuacahn gift gallery was just perfect for what I need don’t you think? Everything contained in one little purse… 🙂


And BONUS, it was marked $4.99 but I had a 40% off coupon so SCORE!!! I love it when that happens… Don’t you?

As we were getting ready to leave I thought I would get my picture taken in this picture board from Sister Act that was still there… How do you think I look as a nun?? I wanted to be a nun as a child…. Probably a good thing that didn’t happen…  I think I could have shaken things up there a bit don’t you? 🙂


After Bill took my picture as a nun, I was just about to put my camera away, when I noticed this dragon-fly hovering just above this tree, and I got this picture… Wow, it isn’t easy to get a picture of something so small in motion… but I thought it was neat so I’m sharing it with you.


Finally we left the Family Market Art Show and headed home to check out the Vet’s Appreciation festivities going on at the lake. As we went around the park/campgrounds everyone that attended seemed to be having a great time, and we were proud to have been part of Quail Creek, and honoring our Vet’s and their families.

Up Next: Learning To Play Hand And Foot..

Stay Tuned!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Aug 20, 2015 @ 12:47:21

    Love it! Your photography is really improving! Keep up the great work! If you photograph every day your eye will really start to improve. It’s so great that you all are discovering these markets and all the there is to see and do in your area. Your experience will be so valuable to others! Keep it up! Love and miss you guys! xoxo


    • beyondcinderella
      Aug 20, 2015 @ 14:37:41

      Thank you GG for you comment about my pictures. I do try, but most of the time it is just hit or miss… I’m really just happy if I get what I’m trying to capture at all… 🙂 We are so enjoying our time here and seeing all Utah has to offer within our area and just beyond, and we have met and are still meeting so many fun and interesting people who have so much full-time RV living knowledge and are so willing to share that with us.. Love and miss you too. XoXo


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