Hand And Foot

In a previous post titled Sister Act, I wrote about the winter camp hosts here at Quail Creek, Helen and Chuck, arriving early, and that the Park Complex Manager, Laura, gave them tickets to see Sister Act along with us so we could get to know each other better outside of work.

In the course of that evening, Helen asked us if we play cards. We told her we play some cards, but not anything like bridge…… Helen said she and Chuck know a game that is really fun, and said we should get together again sometime soon and they would teach us.

That was music to my ears because; I love to have people over for dinner etc. However, I was a little hesitant, at first, to make the dinner offer because I didn’t know if they enjoy having a drink or two before or with dinner….which is what we do…

Utah is mostly a Mormon state, and since we arrived here in June, we haven’t met anyone that up and admits that they enjoy a nice happy hour… Too bad for them, because we have been known to host FABULOUS happy hours…. And, we are who we are… and like I said many times, we do enjoy our happy hours and I’m not about to change that anytime soon… So what to do…?

The next time I saw Helen, I mentioned how much Bill and I enjoyed going to see Sister Act with her and Chuck. Helen said they enjoyed spending that time with us too, and said she didn’t know about me, but she never saw any nuns like the ones in Sister Act. She told me that her father studied to be a priest, and was about to take his final vows, when WWII broke out and he joined the service instead.

I shared with her that both Bill and I are practicing cradle Catholics. I went on to say that “I couldn’t be anything else, because Catholics are allowed to drink, and I enjoy my wine happy hour in the afternoon.” She laughed and said she enjoys her wine too, but not the kind the church uses…

Well, that broke the ice on that subject, and I immediately extended the invite to dinner, and asked if after dinner perhaps they could teach Bill and me the Hand and Foot card game.

I asked Helen if she and Chuck like cabbage rolls. She said yes, so we made a dinner/cards date for Saturday evening…

I made cabbage rolls with wild & long grain rice.


I served it with crusty bread and the best sweet cream butter Bill and I ever had that we get from our local farmers market…

Helen made what she called “dream bars.” She said she learned to make this from a very old recipe that her great-grandmother passed down to her.


When Helen asked if she could bring a desert, I said yes, but that I can’t have white refined sugar, but that Bill can, so I told her to just bring whatever she and Chuck like. She asked if I could have “real” brown sugar, sugar that is not white colored brown, and I said yes. Then she said she has a recipe for “dream bars”, made with “real brown sugar” that is one of Chuck’s favorites…

When you don’t eat sweets that often, and you get something like Helen’s “dream bars”, all I can say is “dream bars” is the right name for that desert, because both Bill and I agreed that desert was dream worthy…

Helen and Chuck loved happy hour and dinner, we loved the desert, and then we moved on to learning how to play Hand and Foot…

What a fun game. We played it with just the four of us, and used six decks of cards, but Helen and Chuck told us it can be played with six people and asked us if we would like to play the game with our Park Complex Manager, Laura, and her friend FeBe (spelling) Helen and Chuck, and Bill and I sometime…? Of course we said yes, but said we need to practice because it can be a fast paced game… And since we are new to the game, we didn’t want to feel like we would be slowing the other’s down….

Helen and Chuck said Bill and I could practice together, and that all we need to do is use three decks of cards instead of six… Don’t you know we are already all over that…? We won’t be the cause of the game being slowed down… I since found out our friends, Karen and Jim Parmenter play hand and foot as well and Karen said after Bill and I get some practice in…. “game on.” I accepted the invite and said we will be ready for them when they come back to Utah or when we get back to Arizona for the winter… We practiced four games again today Karen… 🙂

Helen and Chuck have been married 44 years, raised four children, and have been full-time RVer’s for over fifteen years. They have traveled the United States from end to end, and are a fountain of information, and gained knowledge, for Bill and I in regards to full-time RV life…. And, they are both so very willing to share that knowledge. They are a little camera-shy, and I respect that, so no picture of them now. I will work on that… 🙂

The things Bill and I are doing… the people we are meeting, and the renewed connection Bill and I are experiencing now that we have time for us to be just us again… This is what I dreamed our retirement years would be like, and I give thanks to my God, each and EVERY day, for this opportunity that has been given to us.

Stay Tuned!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Aug 22, 2015 @ 01:01:14

    Love. it. and. you. both.


  2. Ellen Kaufman
    Aug 22, 2015 @ 02:57:44

    Enjoyed reading your post ! So happy you met a couple who enjoy happy hour! Your dinner looked so delicious and the dessert too. It is amazing with your first adventure you guys are happy and are having so much fun and meeting such nice couples and you have adjusted so well in your motor home. Continue on and looking forward to some more interesting post. Love you and be safe❤️🙏🏻


    • beyondcinderella
      Aug 22, 2015 @ 12:13:41

      Thank you Aunt Ellen. This new life we are living is so fun and exciting and we just can’t wait for each new day to begin. We are so looking forward to our continued travel adventures that of course I will document along the way. We love you too. XoXo


  3. Bill Kirnberger
    Aug 22, 2015 @ 13:11:13

    We had a fun time at Sister Act and dinner with Helen and Chuck, fun card game.
    The best part of this life RVing is being with my best friend and wife, we have been able to spend quality time together, laughing so hard at time we ended up crying, and as Virginia has stated in previous posts we danced. This life is not for everyone, but to me, its an ideal life for us love you Girly.


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