Finding Treasures

I don’t know how many times when I was decorating our home, in my then favorite western décor, that I went looking for something specific and couldn’t find it anywhere. I would always say “if I wasn’t looking for this…. I would find it everywhere… like they would be falling off the shelf on my feet if I wasn’t looking for it…” Well today proved my point yet again.

Bill and I set out to check out a used bookstore today that our new friends Helen and Chuck told us about, and it just so happened there were two antique shops right in the same parking lot as the bookstore. Well of course we had to stop in and check them out too. And don’t you know we found many of the treasures I had been looking for when I was decorating my homes back in Arizona…

When I was decorating our first home in Ahwatukee, in my western theme, I wanted an old rustic looking (but still in good shape) saddle to put on a colorful Indian blanket that hung over a metal railing in our living room. I either couldn’t find one at all, or when I did find one it was beyond rustic, more like rotting, and way overpriced… Look what I found today.



All of these were in real good condition and reasonably priced.

Then I looked high and low for some used colorful western boots to place around our house just because I think they look way cool and I love splashes of color throughout our home.. I couldn’t find the type of boots I wanted (like these) to save my life… until today… Again reasonably priced…


When we moved to our Chandler home, and I had enough kitchen counter space for three houses…, I wanted an old scale with the metal bowl so I could use it as a fruit bowl sitting on my counter… Again, there were none to be found in any of the places I shopped… until today… I would have paid twice what they were asking for this one when I wanted it back in Arizona!


I remember a dear friend and me spending hours looking through antique markets just for fun… But she also had a desire to find an old-looking doll, with haunting eyes, that she wanted for a project she was working on… We looked high and low and never found the doll she was looking for… We saw lots of dolls, but none that she thought would work. Either the doll didn’t have that old look, or the eyes were not what she wanted…. I saw this doll today and I thought of her. I don’t know if this is exactly what she wanted but it was better than anything we saw when we were looking at the time… Don’t know if the eyes are right, but it has a porcelain head and arms, with soft body, and looks to me like it might work….. But again… where was this when we were looking… 🙂


However, now that we are living large, in a small space, I no longer desire all the stuff I thought I just had to have before. And, I have no place to put it now if I did. Now, if I need something, the first thing I think of is how can I make what I need serve at least two purposes? And I have so much fun looking for things that are small, lightweight, and will serve more than one purpose…

Back to the bookstore. I love to read real books. To me, there is just something about holding a book in my hands and reading the printed words on paper. I love turning the pages, and marking my place with a pretty little bookmark, as opposed to reading words off of a screen. I love the look and smell of books, especially old, used books. I also think they add the perfect touch of color and charm to any décor. I found the perfect multi-purpose use for the four small, used , books I purchased today at The Book Arbor. A charming used bookstore in Hurricane UT.



These books serve my new lifestyle well don’t you think?


First, They are used books, but new to me, so they fit well into our budget. Second, they will give me plenty of enjoyable reading time for a while. Third, they are small and lightweight so they will travel well, and forth, they add an additional splash of color in our home. When I finish reading them, I will give them away, and buy more used books to replace them. What more could I ask for from some used books?

Tonight we have been invited over to Helen and Chuck’s for dinner, and another game of Hand and Foot. Helen said she is making pork chops with mushroom gravy, potatoes and salad.. YUMMERS!! I told her I would be happy to pick up a desert. Everyone that knows me knows I don’t bake so Helen and Chuck might as well know it too….But I’m always happy to buy any kind of baked goods you want… Since I don’t eat sweets that are made with refined sugar… I let Bill choose the desert for tonight.

We heard about a new bakery in downtown Hurricane that has great reviews so we thought we would give them a try. Everything is fresh-baked that day. When Bill and I saw the GIANT cinnamon rolls we decided that would be the perfect sweet treat to take to Helen and Chuck’s. I mean this thing is as big as a frying pan… More than enough for three or more people to share… The person behind the counter said just before serving pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and it will be just like it came fresh out of the oven… Looks like a good thing to me…


Looking forward to another fun-filled evening with our new friends Helen and Chuck.

Stay Tuned!

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. razorbackwriteraus
    Aug 23, 2015 @ 00:27:55

    That has to be the biggest cinnamon roll I have ever seen. Great post.


  2. gotham girl
    Aug 23, 2015 @ 11:37:07

    I’m sure you had a wonderful dinner and I bet they were smitten over that cinnamon roll! Can you believe all of the things you came across in these little shops! So true…when you quit looking for something it shows up. You’re right…the doll is close, but not exactly the eyes I’m looking for. Keep looking!! Love you! xoxox


    • beyondcinderella
      Aug 23, 2015 @ 11:50:53

      The dinner was delicious and we had fun playing cards. The boys won but we will get them next time. 🙂 I will keep looking for that doll and send you a picture when I find one that might be close and if it’s one like your looking for you can let me know and I’ll snag it for you… XoXo


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