The Road To Kodachrome

Was filled with spectacular beauty at every turn…


Bill and I visited Kodachrome Basin State Park in Cannonville, Utah today. WOW!!! What a beautiful and amazing place that is.

The information packet we received upon entering the park says “Kodachrome Basin is a spectacle of towering sandstone chimneys, changing in color and shadow with the day’s mood. Sixty-seven monolithic stone spires called sedimentary pipes accentuate multi-hued sandstone layers revealing 180 million years of geologic time. The color and contrast found here prompted the National Geographic Society in 1949, with consent from Kodak Film Corp., to name the park Kodachrome.”

Not a lot of words are needed to explain the beauty of Kodachrome Basin, so I will let the pictures I captured today speak for themselves, with just a few comments from me…

Lots of pretty fall color changes



Soring red-rock cliff’s upon entering the park


And lot’s of these “sandstone chimneys…” Don’t touch that…. wait for the “real thing…


After Bill and I entered the park, we headed for the picnic area where we enjoyed a lovely lunch…


After lunch, we headed out to explore the park…and Oh my, what spectacular beauty we found…Everywhere you look is a sandstone chimney that looks like it was created by a human artist… but no, it was all created by nature over time


I thought this chimney, at the base of this red rock cliff looked just like the beginning of a Totem Pole. What do you think?


Even the trees seem to want to get in on the act…


This chimney reminded me of an Indian woman wrapped in a blanket.


Both Bill and I had to laugh at the Key drop area for the cabins that can be rented, and  just beside the key drop is the phone… By the way, there is no cell phone service in Kodachrome… but it’s beautiful and so worth the trip…!


Remember at the beginning of this post when I said “don’t touch that… wait for the real thing..?” Well, I will leave this next picture to your own imagination… I’m not going to touch that… 🙂


So many beautiful chimney’s to enjoy at Kodachrome Basin


They even offer horseback trail rides for those so inclined… All the horses were already out when we were there so we didn’t get to partake in that but we would have if they were there… 🙂


The next two pictures I captured as we were leaving Kodachrome Basin.



Bill and I feel so blessed that we have been able to visit so many of the beautiful places Utah has to offer during our stay here. Utah will always hold a special place in our hearts…

Stay Tuned!


It Pays To Be Nice

Yesterday, while I was working my shift at the gate booth here at Quail Creek State Park, I met the sweetest couple from Switzerland. They were a few years older than Bill and I and are traveling the United States in a rented RV. They spoke with the most beautiful accent. I just love listening to folks from other countries talk.

When I’m working the booth, and I notice anyone has a pronounced accent from another country, I ask them where they are from and when they tell me, I always smile and welcome them to the United States.

When anyone is driving up to the gate booth during my shift I always go out and greet them and ask them what I can do to help them. This lovely couple from Switzerland pulled up to the gate booth, and in very broken English, said they wanted a campsite for the night. I gave them the campsite map and told them they could go down to the campground and pick out any site they wanted that didn’t have a yellow reserved sign on the campsite post. I told them when they made their decision on which site they wanted they could come back and I would put them into the system and collect payment. Off they went…

A short time later they came back to the gate booth and the woman asked, again in very broken English, if there was a public phone booth anywhere around. I told her there wasn’t but that she could use the phone in the booth if it was a local or 800 number call. She said they had a problem and waved her husband over to the booth. Then they proceeded to try to tell me that something was wrong with the RV they rented and they needed to call the 800 number. I gave the woman the cordless phone from the booth but she let me know she didn’t know how to use it and said their phone numbers are different. She showed me the 800 number they needed to call so I dialed the number and gave her the phone which she passed to her husband. At this point they were standing outside the booth and it was very hot yesterday so I invited them into the booth which is refrigerated. The man asked the person on the phone if he could speak to another man that he mentioned by name. Within a few minutes the man he asked to speak with was on the phone and they were speaking in his native language. I was surprised that he was able to get someone on the other end of the phone that spoke the same language but he did and he explained what the problem was with the RV. In the middle of the conversation the man from Switzerland handed the phone to his wife and went outside to the RV. Within a few minutes he came back into the booth, took the phone from his wife and finished his conversation with the man from the RV rental company. Then he turned to his wife and me and said in broken English “the problem was with me.” At that, the lovely couple thanked me for using the phone and left. Then I went about the business of running the gate booth…

About a half-hour later, the same couple came back to the gate booth and brought me this box of candy and said “we bring this from Switzerland with us to give to very nice people and you are a very nice lady to help us like you did.”


I was so touched by that I hugged him and told him he just made my day.

This morning on their way out of the campground, they stopped at the booth again and thanked me again for all my help. We chatted a bit about how I ended up here and what a nice job I have… When I told them that Bill and I are full-time RVers and are work camping our way around the United States and Canada, he shook my hand and said “you are doing the right thing and will make many people happy.” Then he said make sure you see Yellow Stone National Park. I smiled and told them I will think of them often in my travels. Then I wished them safe travels and they were on their way…

When I got home and gave the candy to Bill he did his happy dance and said “it pays to be nice…”

Stay Tuned!

Made With Love

Yesterday I decided I wanted to bring a little of the outside colors of fall into our home. So I went for a walk around the campsite and snipped a few springs of various plants growing in abundance throughout the campgrounds. Then I brought them in and looked around our home to see what I could use to display them keeping in mind that anything used for decorating has to be small and compact, and hopefully able to serve multi-purposes… I settled on one of our pretty turquoise plastic water glasses, wrapped it in a piece of burlap ribbon my dear friend Robin gave me when she gave me a package of her beautiful note cards she made with love using some of her amazing photos she takes as she travels throughout the world, and I even used the feather she used to secure the ribbon around the note cards, to secure the ribbon around the glass, turning it into what I think is an adorable little vase for my colorful fall plants… What do you think?


As Bill and I were taking our daily walk around the lake picking up trash along the way…, we saw our new friends, Helen and Chuck, who are the winter camp hosts here at Quail Creek State Park. You might remember a previous post I did where I mentioned that Helen and Chuck have been full-time RV’s and work/camp hosts for the past fifteen years, and have work/camped all throughout the country. They have helped Bill and I so much during our time here at Quail Creek, showing us the in/outs of RV life, and what camp hosting is all about. In addition, they welcomed us into their home when they first met us, and even taught us how to play hand and foot, a card game both Bill and I really enjoy.

Helen reminds me so much of my dear friend, and sister by choice, Holly, who lives in Arizona, in that like Holly, Helen is very talented and crafty. Helen makes all kinds of needlework items, and she surprised me last night when she gave me this beautiful hand crafted needlework card box.



I just love it and I love Helen for making it for me. Anyone that knows me knows I love anything made by hand, especially because, try as I do…., I’m just not very talented in that area what so ever.. 🙂  Thank-you Helen, for the beautiful card box, I will treasure it always.

When Helen and Chuck invited us over to play cards last night, she said she would bake a desert for snacks (as most of you know, I don’t bake sweets)  but I told her I would bring some chips. Then I decided I wanted to make a dip to go with the chips so I made this chunky garden ranch dip. Made with low-fat cottage cheese (about 2 cups), some finely chopped orange bell pepper and green onion, about three tablespoons of mayonnaise, and three tablespoons of dry ranch dressing mix. So easy and sooooo good.


That was served with B-B-Q flavored Kettle Cooked potato chips. YUMMERS!


Helen made these delectable looking brownies that Bill thought he died and went to heaven to get…. Then he really lucked out when Helen and Chuck gave him a plate of them to bring home too! Bill was doing the happy dance when he got home… 🙂


As our time is winding down here at Quail Creek, I’m so grateful for the opportunity we have been given to have this first experience of work/camping, and for the wonderful people we have met while we were here. People like Helen and Chuck who are now friends, and part of the larger RV family/friends we have yet to meet as we make our way across this beautiful country and into Canada…

Stay Tuned!

Receding Quail Lake Update

On August 14th 2015 I posted the picture below showing how our lake here at Quail Creek State Park in southern Utah was receding. I mentioned in that post that I would use this picture as a reference point for future posts so you can see how the lake continued to recede throughout the summer. Notice the tree in the water to the right of this picture. Now look at the next picture…


The tree in the middle of the picture below is the same tree in the picture above. That shows how much the lake has receded in exactly one month, and it just amazes me because we have had some pretty good soaking wet rain storms over the summer…


In fact, the water has receded so much that the boat ramp on the south end of the lake had to be closed because the water was too low to launch boats.

This next picture shows the south end boat launch.


Today I sat on a buoy, on land, that was way out in the water in front of the fishing dock when we first arrived in June of 2015…


The next picture shows the south end of the lake and the dam. All that beach like area near the dam was under water when we arrived in June 2015.


So with the water too low to launch boats on the south end of the lake (the north end boat launch is still open) for the safety of the boaters the south end boat launch was closed…


This is how the south end boat launch had to be closed… If not for the concrete blocks in place you can bet that people, being people, would try to launch anyway…. Now this area is only open to kayaks, paddle boards, and what you can carry in by hand etc…


Our time is winding down here at Quail Creek State Park. We have four weeks left then we will head to San Tan Mountain Regional Park in Queen Creek Arizona for the winter months, and we are in the final phase of securing a summer 2016 work/camp position at Buffalo Bill’s State Park in Cody Wyoming… So looking forward to getting back to Arizona for the winter to see family/friends, and can’t wait to go on to Wyoming and beyond…

Stay Tuned!

Dipping Quail Lake

Lots of excitement around the lake yesterday. A wild-fire is burning two miles from Quail Lake State Park in southern Utah. The fire is burning right up the side of a mountain and we are actually getting ash from the fire falling on cars and RV’s here within the campground.

This has been our first season as camp hosts here in Utah so Bill and I have never seen anything like this before. While it is very sad that a wild-fire is burning and destroying the landscape and threatens homes etc. we were excited to be able to witness the heroic efforts of those who are putting their knowledge and skills to work to help fight and/or contain the fire. In order to accomplish this helicopters were called in to “dip” water from Quail Lake and carry it over the mountain to drop on the fire.

This picture below shows the first helicopter “dipping” into the lake.


This next picture shows the helicopter taking off to drop the water on the fire. It is a little fuzzy but the whole “dipping” episode takes place in a matter of seconds so by the time you have your camera pointing in the right direction to take the picture, the helicopter has “dipped” the lake and is rushing off to the fire. This “dipping” went on several times throughout the morning and afternoon.


In fact, in order to allow the helicopter pilots safe access to the lake, we had to have the boat gates closed and locked and not allow anyone access to the lake all day yesterday. I was working the gate booth and had to turn many, many Friday night boaters away. We did allow campers in that had reservations but they were told that they would not be allowed to launch their boats until we were given the all clear which would hopefully be today.

The main reason we were told we had to keep all boaters off the lake when the helicopter pilots are “dipping” is that people, being people, will but their boat right under the helicopter and try to get a picture from that angle putting themselves and the helicopter pilot in danger…

I’m happy to say that the boat launch area is open again today and boaters are on the water which hopefully means the fire is being contained. We can still see white smoke rising over the mountain but because I’m not working today, as of this writing, I have not be given a status of the fire containment level.

Keeping all front line first responders in our thoughts and prayers as they put their lives on the line to help save others.

Stay Tuned!

Happy Anniversary Bill

Tomorrow, September 6, 2015 my husband Bill and I will be married 27 years. .

What can I say about the man I love that hasn’t already been said? There are so many beautiful cards, songs, movies etc. all dedicated to love, marriage, and the happy ever after… All of them are beautiful, romantic, and some are even funny… I don’t know if everything that is written about love is always true, but here is what I do know about the man I love…

When I met Bill I saw something in him that stirred my soul. A little sadness intermixed with a light of hope. We met at work and over time we developed a wonderful friendship that grew into love. It wasn’t that I felt he completed me, I don’t like that term because I didn’t need to be completed. I never thought of him as the one that made me a better person because by the time I met Bill I had already developed into the strong, confident, woman I wanted to be. I knew what I wanted and what I would not tolerate. I wasn’t looking for someone to make me happy because I know my happiness is up to me… I really wasn’t “looking” for anything when I met Bill. But what I found was this:

I found a man who has a smile that lights up my heart.

A strong man that isn’t afraid of hard work.

A man who takes care of his responsibilities and in some cases the responsibilities of others.

I found a man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions and his love.

I found a man who fell in love with me for the woman I am and never tried to change me.

I found a man who stood beside me when we said our wedding vows and stayed by my side through it all. And he is still smiling and showing me as much love today as the day we first knew we were in love.

I found a man who tells me he would gladly do it all again but only with me by his side.

I found a man who sings “you are so beautiful to me” every single day and makes me believe it by his actions, and the absolute unselfish love he gives me every day.

l found a man who I love with all my heart, a man who loves to dance with me as much as I love to dance with him…. So we dance…

Happy Anniversary Bill. I love you.

Let’s dance… 🙂

A Simple Design Flaw

Could have become a real nightmare…

Have you ever had a dream where you find yourself somewhere like school, work etc. naked or wrapped in only a towel… I’ve had dreams like that but never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect anything like that to come true, until I found out the hard way that we have a little design flaw with the shower doors in our motorhome…

I love our motorhome, and one of the things I like best about our motorhome is that it has a nice size shower, not huge by any means, but with curved doors, that allow for extra elbow room to move around in there….


See the nice curved doors that are on rollers and open in the middle?


Now see the little lock that is on the outside of the shower doors? That lock is there so the doors can be locked from the outside of the shower when we are traveling down the road. Of course we wouldn’t want our shower doors opening and slamming shut while the motorhome is moving down the highway now would we…? So naturally, when I first saw that shower door lock on the outside of our shower doors, I thought that was a great idea… Just snap that little lock shut and those shower doors are locked up tight until you go and unlock them from the outside…


Yes, that little lock served its intended purpose well until…, you guessed it… one day I was in that shower and that little lock on the outside of the shower flipped shut and locked all by itself when I shut the doors to take my shower… I didn’t realize it when I first got in there and started taking my shower… but picture my face when I went to get out and realized the doors were locked up tight from the outside!!

Bill wasn’t in the motorhome at the time and I wasn’t sure if he was just outside or if he was out and about the campgrounds which meant he could be back in a few minutes, or it could be hours…! Now, you have to know I’m pulling and pulling on those damn shower doors but they won’t budge. The doors are too high to try to climb over, and while the shower has nice elbow room to take a nice shower….it’s not anything you want to spend hours in especially when you are naked, with not even a towel to wrap up in… I was just stuck there wet and naked and starting to panic as I begin to think about how long I might be stuck like that if Bill doesn’t get back real soon… Even if I screamed my head off, no one was going to hear me because our motorhome is very well insulated and all the windows were closed. All I could do was stand there and hope and pray that Bill would come back quickly… Lucky for me he did come back in about 15 minutes and while he laughed his ass off, funny boy…, he did let me out of the shower…

Once I was freed from the shower, you know I was not about to let that ever happen again… so I got some velcro and stuck it on the shower door, and on the lock itself to hold that lock open so it will never flip shut all by itself again.


Now that the incident is just a memory, I can laugh about it too, but believe me I wasn’t laughing at the time and I just have to wonder if this has happened to others. I can’t imagine I’m the only one it’s ever happened too or perhaps I’m the only one that will tell about it… What do you think?

Stay tuned for more of our new life adventures!


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