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Last night Bill and I had our friends, and fellow full-time RVers, Helen and Chuck over for dinner and a couple of games of our favorite card game, hand and foot. This being our last week here at Quail Creek, we wanted to have a chance to officially say good-bye to Helen and Chuck and thank them for all the things they showed us and shared with us as first time RVers… We are so lucky to have met Helen and Chuck on our very first time work/camping because they have over 15 years experience living this great life and were more than willing to give us tips and advice on the in’s and out’s of full-time RV work/camp life…

Shortly after I met Helen she shared with me that she loves to sew and she made the Veteran’s Day flags that lined the gate drive as you enter Quail Creek State Park. I did a blog post on that a while back but here is a picture of the flags she made for Veteran’s day.


After Helen made the flags for Quail Creek for Veteran’s Day the Park Manager, Laura, asked Helen to make flags for Sand Hollow, and I believe she also made flags for Gunlock State Park… Not just Veteran’s Day flags but flags for every occasion that are flown in each of the Parks… For a while there it seemed like every time I saw Helen she told me she was making flags for one park or another…

As I got to know Helen better, she shared with me that she collects stuffed bears and she showed me the beautiful collection she has. That started the wheels of thought and planning in my head going because most people that know me know I am very much a planner…. I like to not only have a plan for most things we do but a back-up plan as well just in case something goes south with the first plan… I’m not as bad about planning now as I use to be… Since we retired it seems I am much more relaxed and willing to just “go with the flow of things…” but I knew eventually I would have to say good-bye to our new friends Helen and Chuck and I wanted to give her something as a thank-you that I actually put some thought into…

I decided I would give her a bear and attach some handmade flags of my own to it… This is what I came up with.


I bought the bear and some little flag like post-it notes and attached them to colored toothpicks, making my own version of colorful flags,  and used a rubber band to attach the flags to the bears arms. On one flag I wrote beautiful flag lady, on another I wrote thanks for all your help, and on the third flag I wrote let’s stay in touch. Helen loved the bear and said she is going to name her Virginia!

We couldn’t leave Chuck out. He is such a sweet man and loves sweets as much as Bill does. So we got him some milk chocolate caramel candies… Thanks for all your help Chuck. You are a fun and funny man. Loved hearing your stories about home movies! 🙂


For dinner Bill grilled hamburgers and we served them with seasoned fries and chips and dip.

Helen and Chuck brought these yummy cream cheese and shrimp stuffed, bacon wrapped, jalapeno pepper appetizers.


and the best desert Bill said he ever had… a caramel eclar cake… OMG if I could eat sugar I would have been all over that…it looked delicious!


Bill was doing his happy dance again today when he had another piece.. the expression on his face says it all… 🙂


And when it was gone…. the little boy in him came out as he hung his head and said “ALL GONE.”


How sad is that?

Before I close this post, I just had to share a picture of one more “fun thing” I bought a bag of multi-color baby bell peppers yesterday. Today I was making a salad for lunch and I pulled this one out of the bag. It cracked me up because to me it looks like its sticking its tongue out at me… How fun is that?


Bill and I are excited to go back to Arizona and see our loved ones there, but we can’t help but be a little sad to leave the new friends we made here… What a fun, exciting, and adventurous summer this has been… And Helen, Chuck, and other friends we met here have all agreed, along with us, to stay in touch…

Stay Tuned!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bill
    Oct 10, 2015 @ 20:19:30

    Wow what a night of fun, food and good friends, yes the desert was the BOMB, that Helen can sure make the most delicious deserts. thanks to all the great people we have met, hope to see you again in our travels.

    See you out there at another location some were.


    P S we will be fixing the jalapeno appetizers again!!!


  2. gotham girl
    Oct 15, 2015 @ 00:04:08

    Safe travels back to the homeland, ha! So happy that you two so enjoyed your time…so many adventures ahead! xoxoxo


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