San Tan Mountain Reserve

We arrived at San Tan Mountain Reserve in Queen Creek Arizona yesterday morning. Upon entering the gate at the pay booth we were welcomed by Bob, the Sr. site host. Bob is 78 years old and just a delightful man. He and his wife, Toni, are full-time RVers and have been work/camping at San Tan for the past four years. They both work the pay booth, and Bob also helps with maintenance.

Bob showed us to our camp site and helped direct Bill as he backed our coach into our spot which has a nice size patio with a very heavy picnic table included.


We have a chain link fence that completely encloses our site so when we are away from our home we can lock the gate and rest assured no one will bother our couch or things we might have out on the patio.


It is already on my to-do list to get some patio decorations that are lightweight and easy to transport. For sure I want some pretty solar lights to place around the edge of the patio…

The chain link fence also lends a sense of security as we are very much secluded here with only Bob and his wife Toni, and another site host couple,  Gordon and his wife Christi, for neighbors. At night it is so quiet but for the coyote’s howling from time to time… So beautiful and peaceful here for sure…

Immediately after showing us to our campsite, Bob and Toni gave us a set of keys that opens everything within the park including the pay booth which is where we will spend some of our time working after our training. This is what the pay booth looks like. It is just a short walk from our campsite and it is much larger than the gate booth I worked in at Quail Lake. This pay booth includes a nature center and a gift shop.


The patio slab and picnic table shown in the picture above is for yet another work/camp couple that will arrive in December. In all we will have four work/camp couples at San Tan.

After Bill and I were parked and settled in, Bob and Toni came by and gave us their cell phone number just in case we ever need anything or if we have any questions. They also invited us over to meet Gordon and Christi. We all sat out on Gordon and Christi’s patio and had a nice visit. Such nice, nice, people.

The following pictures are the beautiful views we have from our coach windows here at San Tan.


At night the lights of city below are just beautiful.




We are surrounded by the beautiful San Tan Mountains. It’s raining today and there is nothing quite like the smell of the desert after it rains…

And just when I thought this gig just couldn’t get any better, we met Matt, the man who runs the trail rides. I chatted it up with him telling him how much I love horses and that the Pioneer Woman was living my dream life… Well, Matt told me all I have to do is ask and I can ride his horses anytime… Pinch me I must be dreaming. You’ve got to know I’m loving this! 🙂 🙂


In fact, the area on the backside of our coach is where you go to mount the horses for the trail rides. I can sit and watch them come and go all day long from my living room window.

Bill and I will spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and next week in training, then we will be official members of the San Tan Mountain Reserve staff…

Stay Tuned!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Oct 18, 2015 @ 13:18:19

    Welcome back! I know you’ll have your place feeling like home in no time! Enjoy!! Love you MORE!


    • beyondcinderella
      Oct 18, 2015 @ 22:41:06

      Thanks GG. Yes, we are working on putting the little patio touches in place now. Just trying to find things that look good and/or serve multi-purposes, and are light weight enough to take with us when we travel.. xoxo MORE!!


  2. Ellen Kaufman
    Oct 18, 2015 @ 13:41:00

    So good you made it back safe and sound! You will enjoy meeting new friends again and decorating your patio.
    You will have lots of views to enjoy and new places to visit.
    Enjoy your new homestead and all the new views and sights! ❤️🍷🍂🍁🎃


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