Making Friends At San Tan

What a beautiful, fun-filled day Bill and I have had here at San Tan today. Just packed full of unexpected surprises..

We got up this morning, had breakfast at about 5:30 a.m., then got ready for 8:00 a.m. Mass at a church here in the town of Queen Creek that we have never been to before.

When we returned home after church, we changed our clothes, and were getting ready to go over to the “office” aka the pay booth/gift shop/nature center…, to volunteer some time to help decorate the “office” area, surrounding grounds, and various hiking trails, for the HUGE  Zombie Apocalypse Night of the Living Dead event held here on Friday night, 10/30/15, starting at 7:00 p.m.

That event is described in the monthly programs calendar as: “Brains. BRAINS!” The apocalypse is here and the Zombies are hungry! But you must act quickly to survive. Find and locate survival gear along the service trail while avoiding contact with any or all zombies. After all, you don’t want to become one of them: The Living Dead. But if you hear one that utters: “Grains. GRAINS!” Don’t worry about him, he’s a vegetarian. Ultimate survival gear will be given away… OMG, all I can say is this event is HUGE…, and not only spooky and fun, but educational as well… If you live anywhere near here you need to come on out for this event!

Then, the following night, which of course is Halloween night, they have another HUGE event… stay tuned for more on that in a future post…

But, back to where Bill and I were getting ready to go volunteer a couple of hours to help decorate….  Well, Bill went outside for something.. and Cowboy Matt, who runs the trail rides, came by and asked if we would like to go on a trail ride. He said he was taking out a group of customers and had two no-shows, so he had two extra horses that wanted to be walked. He said if we wanted to go we were welcomed to come along… Well, of course I didn’t have to be asked twice. No, the decorating could wait… I put my long jeans on and was ready in a flash!

However, the other customers were already there and waiting on us to get ready…, so in the rush to get out there and not hold up their ride… I forgot to grab my camera so I don’t have any pictures of me or Bill on our horses… But, I do have some pictures of Cowboy Matt and his horses… This is Cowboy Matt cleaning the hoofs of his horses…


This is Cowboy Matt getting his customers ready for their trail ride.. Cowboy Matt has over 100 horses. Some are trail horses, some are cutting horses, some are bucking horses for rodeo’s, some are breeding horse, and some are just horses he loves… Cowboy Matt spends the winter in Arizona and the summers in Oregon. He said when we get to Oregon to be sure and look him up… Yes!


I told Cowboy Matt that I LOVE horses, but it has been years since I rode… and I would like one that was VERY gentle… he said his 3yr old son rode the horse I was getting on… I was feeling good about that when I said “what is the name of this horse?” Cowboy Matt said “Lucifer” I said LUCIFER!!!, that doesn’t sound good…! ? He smiled and said “no, it’s “Lucie” Well, OK, I have a very gentle, and loving, sister-in-law named Lucie so I thought this will be good… and it was. 🙂

Bill and I had a wonderful one-hour horseback ride through the San Tan Mountain Reserve Park and really made a new friend of Cowboy Matt… Of course he didn’t charge us for the ride (usually $45.00 /Hour/Person) but we gave him a nice tip and I told him I will cook something really good for him next time he comes out, which is usually everyday… He gave me the thumbs-up and said “YES!” Cowboy Matt is single, and loves home cooked meals…, so he has a friend in me…  and I will make sure he is well fed… 🙂

The next really nice thing that happened today was that one of the other hosts here at San Tan, Christi, is very creative and is in the process of making quilts for her six grandchildren. I’ve seen the quilts she is making and they are amazing. Anyway, Christi asked me if I had one of the official San Tan shirts we are required to wear while we are working… I told her I did have a long sleeve shirt with the San Tan Logo on it and she said if I wanted she would embroidery my name on the shirt… Well, of course I wanted that… so I gave her one of my shirts and she created this for me..


How cool and special is that?… Thank-you Christi.

As a thank-you to Christi, I gave her some homemade cabbage rolls I made. Christi thanked me for the cabbage rolls and I thanked her for putting my name on my shirt and yet another friendship was made…

So loving our new San Tan Mountain Reserve Park family…

Stay Tuned for more on the Zombie night, and Halloween Bash postings…

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  1. gotham girl
    Oct 27, 2015 @ 12:48:40

    Look at you experiencing all these fun things! Love it all for you both and can’t wait to see and read all about the Halloween fun! xoxoxo MORE!


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