Halloween San Tan 2015

Being Park Hosts at San Tan Mountain Regional Park, of course, our duties include hosting holiday events. The only holiday the park is closed is Christmas Day. However, with four Park Hosts, and the “paid staff”, time off for holiday’s is rotated to keep it fair to everyone.

Here are some pictures of the Halloween Bash 2015 at our winter home base in San Tan.

First of all one of the other park hosts, Christi, asked me if I was going to dress up for Halloween. I said no, because when we started our full-time RV life of course we had to scale down and I didn’t think I had anything to “dress-up” in… But as I continued to think about it, and started looking around, I decided I could wear my leopard PJ’s, paint my face to sort of match, and be the only very rare, silver hair, leopard in captivity.


And Bill could be the Safari Tracker that was lucky enough to capture, and contain, such a RARE and UNIQUE creature as me….. It was a struggle, and the challenge of his life, but he took his mission VERY seriously as you can see by the look on his face.


So Bill and I showed up in our costumes only to find out we were the only staff members that dressed up for the Halloween event… truth be told… I was really the only staff member that “dressed” up because Bill is actually wearing what he wears everyday when we work… 🙂

In the Nature Center, we had a guest speaker that gave a very educational demonstration to children and families about creatures of the desert. Of course the furs and skins of the animals are either fake, or they were unfortunately road kill that was preserved for educational classes here at the park.



Our haunted house was still in place from the Zombie night…


with lots of dark and creepy hallways to go through…



After touring the “haunted house,” children and their families could trick-or-treat along one of the shortest trail loops here at San Tan… There were fifteen trick-or -treat stations along the trail just like this…


And each station had a volunteer that came out from 6-9 p.m. to pass out candy.

The picture below is Bill trying to get his little tea lights to light his pumpkin.. Yeah, good luck with that honey… and by the way.. .Bill was two stations away from me so when it started getting dark, and really scary… , I couldn’t even see him…


The picture below was my station. Notice the little pumpkin hanging from the tree… that was supposed to light up and help put some light in the space where I was passing out candy… See the little green pumpkin beside the chair and the “solar” light beside the chair…? Well, I was told those would light up the area so I could see some distance around me just in case a snake…,or other creepy crawler happened along… Guess what… they didn’t work and the only thing that saved me was the battery operated flashlight I brought with me…

As I mentioned, Bill and I were not together. NO, everyone was assigned a station, and you were on your own. OMG, as it started getting dark…, and I noticed the “lights” they provided were not coming on…, I have to admit I was beginning to get “a little” nervous… I do NOT want to be in the desert without any light… And the coyotes were howling, and I know scorpions come out at night, and I didn’t know where the snakes were.. , and I’m getting really scared now.. FOR REAL… Because, I was told I have to stay here until ALL the candy on my station was given out… See the box beside my chair… That has enough candy to fill the bowl sitting on my chair at least fifteen times!! And, when my box was empty I was told to go around and get more candy from my fellow hosts… Are you kidding me…!! ?? It is dark, I’m scared, and I have no light except my battery flashlight that is starting to get dim…As far as I’m concerned it’s every host for them selves… when my candy was gone so was I… I heard one child say as he was leaving my station “this is the best Halloween I’ve ever had”.. Of course by then I was giving out as much candy as I could grab in both hands… 🙂


Bill and I will most likely return to San Tan every winter… but by next year we will be “seasoned” hosts of San Tan and able to pick and choose what areas of activity we want to host.. you can rest assured I will volunteer my time at the ticket booth and leave the dark and scary trick-or-treat trail to those that like to sit in the dark in the middle of the desert with creepy crawlers and howling coyotes and snakes and God knows what else …to their own sorted happiness…

But, at the end of the night, we all survived, and most importantly, all our guests had a very Happy Halloween!

Stay tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Nov 02, 2015 @ 09:44:53

    LOL, LOL, LOL!!! This was the BEST posting!! I am totally cracking up!!! Love you two!!!


    • beyondcinderella
      Nov 02, 2015 @ 14:20:49

      Thanks GG. I know you understand that I was trying to be a good host and not say no when asked to do anything… but I was NOT the one that they should have asked to pass out candy on the very dark and scary trick-or-treat trail. It all sounded good until I found out the lights they gave us didn’t work! 🙂 XoXo


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