Strange And Beautiful Sightings

I went to visit my mother today. I try to visit her on Tuesday’s now because there is musical entertainment in the activity room on Tuesday’s, and my mother seems to enjoy listening to the music provided mostly from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Her favorite entertainer is Karl Block. He is a very energetic entertainer that comes right down among the residents, holds their hands, and sings right into their eyes. He also provides different musical instruments like tambourines, and different small hand-held things that the residents can shake or rattle along to the beat of the music…

Today’s entertainer was Jim Bing. He plays guitar and tries hard to sing but I don’t think anyone ever told him he sings very much off-key… However, apparently that doesn’t seem to bother the residents, or they are so hard of hearing that they think he is on key… Either way, today was a good day for my mother as she enjoyed the music and even sang along with Jim.

Strange sightings (4)

She even tapped her fingers on the table to the keep the beat of the music…

Strange sightings (1)

All of that was a beautiful sight to see…

The next thing I noticed while sitting with my mother in the activity room, was a resident (little woman in blue shirt next to the wall of tiny windows), who never smiles, or even talks to anyone unless to lash out at them for one thing or another, get up and dance when one of the CNA’s went over and started dancing in front of her… It’s amazing how music transforms some of these residents who are otherwise thought “empty and void of emotions…” They danced through three songs together and that resident not only smiled, she was actually laughing… and that was another beautiful sight to see. 🙂

Strange sightings

On my way home from the care center, I just had to stop and take a picture of this cactus (in the center of the picture) in the desert just before you enter San Tan Mountain Reserve Park. I’ve been looking at this ever since we arrived here last October, but I just never stopped to get a picture of this strange and unusually shaped cactus, until today. I think it looks like a Sea Horse, if you take away the arms…, My husband, Bill/Bro, thinks it looks like a Giraffe. I’m interested in hearing what my readers think this cactus looks like to you..? What ever we think it looks like, or reminds us of… I think we can all agree, it is a strange-looking cactus right?

Strange sightings (2)

Once I was home I noticed yet another strange sight when our cat, Carmen, started running back and forth, back and froth, from one end of our motorhome to the other as fast as she could. When she finally stopped running, and settled down, I went to see what she was doing and found her lying on our bed, belly up and feet in the air… I laughed thinking to myself, I’ve got to get a picture of this strange sight…

Strange sightings (3)

I experienced another strange, and beautiful, event a couple of weeks ago while visiting my mother that struck me so profoundly that I couldn’t write about it until now, when out of the blue she said to me “I want you to know I really do love you, and maybe if I had done things differently with you when you were growing up, maybe you would have known that.” She said “do you believe me now? I have to be honest here and say that one of the things I always heard in our home when I was growing up and an elderly person that might have done something to my parents to upset them said they were sorry… my parents would say “I wonder if they really mean that or if they are just an old person trying to get into heaven now…” Those words ran through my mind when my mother asked me if I believe she loves me, but in that moment, I looked through my tear-filled eyes into hers, and accepted that as real, and told her “I believe it now mom, and in that instant I let go of past hurts…

A few months ago I had a similar experience with my father, even though he has been dead for 10 years this September. I gave my word to never fully write about what happened between my father and I, but let it be enough to say he broke a bond with me, and caused a hurt that changed me, and my family forever. He never said he was sorry, and never asked for forgiveness while he was alive. But he came to me in a dream a few months back, and without words spoken, in that dream… I accepted the apology he never gave me, and gave forgiveness he never asked for from me, and the next morning I woke up to this…


And ended that day with this


And that is a beautiful sight to see…and finally, I felt the peace I have been looking for…

Stay Tuned!



10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bill
    Jan 26, 2016 @ 22:48:41

    Things happen in mysterious ways,I love you your Bill


  2. gotham girl aka @thegothamgirl
    Jan 26, 2016 @ 23:04:06

    Well of course I totally agree with Bill aka Bro…things often happen in very mysterious ways…and having these two experiences so close together makes them even more special. It’s hard to describe to anyone who has had such strong emotions and then when you let them go it’s as if you’re shedding your skin. I’m so happy for you… And I have to agree with you…SEA HORSE!!! Love you two!! xoxo


  3. susan
    Jan 27, 2016 @ 03:08:26

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful desert photos–and your sensitivity to unfinished business many of us have with parents–AND to music’s ability to touch deep emotion. Music brings out surprising speech from people who haven’t spoken in years; and it resonates with elders and brings happiness to all ages. How wonderful that your mother’s facility provides this.

    As for the saguaro cacti, they are amazing and challenge our imagination. We have one with a woodpecker hole that is home to a bat in Dec. and Jan. and to birds the rest of the year. Primarily made up of water, an adult saguaro can weigh up to 6 tons. Those strange-looking arms may be signs of poor health. While I’ve seen them before–I don’t think they’re typical of healthy saguaros. Looking forward to your next post.


    • beyondcinderella
      Jan 27, 2016 @ 13:09:50

      Thank-you Susan for visiting my blog and leaving your most welcomed comments. I agree that the saguaro is amazing and can take on many forms. I also agree that the strange-looking arms may be a sign of poor health. Looking forward to hearing from you again on future posts.


  4. Ellen Kaufman
    Jan 27, 2016 @ 04:15:38

    Thank you Virginia for writing today and saying you have forgiveness and have found your peace with your Mom and Dad. Especially with your Mom on my birthday. What a gift you have given me. That gives me a lot of comfort and joy for the love I know my sister has for you and all her children. Life is far too short to live with such feelings . If Christ can forgive us of all for our sins why can’t we forgive . Let’s now go on and live our lives the best we can and hope for the best for everyone


  5. Joanne Jamis Cain
    Jan 29, 2016 @ 13:04:35

    What a beautiful post and gorgeous sunrise/sunset pictures. xo


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