It’s All The Hiking

Bill and I were out on the beautiful San Tan Hiking Trails by 6:30 A.M. this morning. We headed up Moonlight, crossed over to Stargazer, then came back down San Tan. With over 10,000 acres and 20 miles of beautiful trails sitting in our backyard, we enjoy a hike almost everyday.

This morning we were looking for an open saguaro cactus flower to take a picture of because one of our fellow park hosts, Shelagh (who is from Canada) has been looking for one for days on end. She walks and walks and can never find one open… Well, I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she most likely won’t find one open in the heat of the day because they open at night and are closed by mid-day, which is usually when she is out looking for one to be open…

Bill and I traveled up and down several trails like this one,

IMG_0522 (2)

Searching and searching for an open saguaro cactus flower to take a picture of it for our friend Shelagh…

IMG_0518 (2)

Finally, we located one that was fully open for the first and only time. Because after they close, that same flower never opens again.. It is a beautiful sight to find an open saguaro flower in the daytime, and I’m sure there is some sort of special blessing one gets as they gaze upon it pondering it’s beauty…but I can’t confirm that.. Here you go Shelagh…this one is just for YOU!

IMG_0523 (2)

After we found the precious saguaro cactus, we continued along our way on the San Tan trails. We just love it here and in the early morning hours you often come across all different sorts of wildlife. But if not, as was our case today, you can sit on one of the several benches throughout the park and just take in all the beauty and sounds of nature at it’s finest…

IMG_0524 (3)

Isn’t it just beautiful? What a perfect way to start another perfect day here at San Tan Mountain Regional Park

FullSizeRender (2)

Now we are off to help one of our other park hosts, Robert, celebrate his 79th birthday. His wife Toni, is serving up lunch and cake and we will all share our birthday wishes for Robert, who I call Pappy. This celebration will be bitter-sweet because Robert and Toni decided this will be the last year they work/camp after 20 years on the road. They just want to relax now and enjoy their family. But they promised to come back and visit us and we will all look forward to that. We wish them well.

Oh, and by the way… Bill got the results of his yearly physical and blood work and the doctor said everything is good and his cholesterol is EXCELLENT!!! First time he ever got that kind of report… I smiled and said “I’m very proud of you, our retirement dream certainly agrees with you, and I believe “it’s all the hiking…”

Stay Tuned!

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