Buffalo Bill State Park

My husband, Bill and I arrived at our summer work/camp destination, in Buffalo Bill State Park, in Cody Wyoming, on Thursday morning. I just can’t say enough about how beautiful this place is to me. I am completely blown away, because this has surpassed every expectation I ever had about Wyoming even through Bill has been telling me about Wyoming for the past 28 yrs. Bill says he is getting a kick out of my excitement over just the things we have seen so far. And we haven’t even been to Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons yet…

You have to keep in mind that I have never really been out of Arizona, except to fly to New York City, where I did have the opportunity to visit Vermont, and I thought I died and went to heaven then… And when I was a child my family traveled from Arizona to Pennsylvania by car but I was so young I didn’t have any interest in seeing the country side at all. All I wanted was to get out of that car, packed with four kids, a very large dog, and my parents…

But now that Bill and I are retired and work/camping our way around the United States and eventually we hope to get into Canada… , I am just amazed at the beautiful things Bill and I are seeing along our way…

However, for now, I just want to share some of what I have seen just since we arrive on Thursday and this is only Friday…

When viewing these pictures please keep in mind, I have never lived anywhere where wild animals just come and graze right in front of your home, where ever that may be…

First off, this is the long tunnel we travel through from the adorable town of Cody Wyoming, where we will do our shopping, go to church, etc. as we make our way to our summer home on the north shore of Buffalo Bill Reservoir.

Cody 4

When you come out of the long tunnel you are met with this beautiful view of the reservoir. This picture doesn’t even begin to do this view justice but it is the best I have so far.

Cody 3

The landscape just keeps changing all along the reservoir, and it looks so very different at different times of the day.

Cody 5

This view is just across the highway from where we are living.

Cody 6

Now, I know many of you may have lived where you have wild horses, deer, or other wild animals visiting your property at any given time… but keep in mind that I have not ever seen anything like this herd of deer grazing just beside our driveway where we have our motorhome parked, when we came home from sightseeing today. OMG I could not get Bill to stop fast enough to get this picture.

Cody 7

But there was no need for me to be in a rush, because even after we came into our home, I captured this picture through the front window of our motorhome. She/he was just feet in front of me and just stood there looking at me as I took his/her picture… It was like he/she was saying “no hurry… I’ll wait… calm down and just breathe it all in…

Coey 8

Well, as you can tell, I am beyond excited about all the new things I am seeing, and experiencing, here in Wyoming… Things I have never seen before, and meeting so many nice people I may never see again…

So, if you can stand to hear more of my excitement…

Stay Tuned!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bill_bro
    May 13, 2016 @ 21:35:55

    Girly you are like a kid in a candy store when it comes to mother nature. Love you!!!


    • beyondcinderella
      May 13, 2016 @ 21:47:22

      I know I am Bill because I’ve never seen so many of the things I am seeing up close, and in our front yard…, But I am so thankful that I have you to show me “mother nature” at her best while we are in Wyoming… Because you have been here and done this… Love you!!!


  2. gotham girl
    May 14, 2016 @ 00:14:45

    Just love this for both of you!!! xoxo Can’t wait to see and hear more!


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