Exploring Cody Wyoming

My husband Bill/Bro and I are all settled into our new RV home location for the summer here in Cody Wyoming, and we had some business in town today. I love using that term “in town”, because it truly is what the locals say here in the small, very much western, town of Cody Wyoming. Oh, how my cowgirl at heart loves this little piece of heaven…

So, while we were out and about in town, we decided to make a day of it and really explore the adorable little town of Cody, and the surrounding area.

We stopped in at a gun and ammo shop where Bill bought a holster for one of our two 22 pistol’s. He got a pretty good deal on it as it is a leather tooled holster complete with an ammo belt. Now, we both have pistol’s and holsters/ammo belts and are in the process of looking into where we can go target practicing. I can’t wait to strap on my gun and holster, just like Annie Oakley, and go shoot some targets… YaHoo!!

Then, since it was lunch time, and the famous Irma Hotel was just on the corner from the ammo shop, we naturally ventured in there to have a look around and decided to stay for lunch. So glad we did.

The Irma Hotel is a landmark in Cody Wyoming. It was built by Buffalo Bill Cody, and named after his daughter Irma.

Explor Cody 1

A focal point of the hotel is the famous back bar made of cherry wood. It was a gift given by Queen Victoria to Buffalo Bill. The hotel opened in 1902 and quickly became the social center of Cody. They still use the gold-tone manual cash register today.

Explor Cody 2

Loved the detail in the woodwork above the bar. So, so, beautiful, and I can only imagine what it took back in those days to create something like this.

Explor Cody 3

Of course, everything in Cody is representative of the wild, wild, west, and I so LOVE it all… Just look at how they made a chandelier out of antlers… who knew?? 🙂

Explor Cody 4

I was amazed that way back then they even thought to put a “call button” in to call your waitress to your table, but sure enough, just notice the little white button just below the picture below… Must have been out of necessity because no one would hear you calling for your waitress over the music and gunfire way back then,,,

Explor Cody 5

Well, since we are sitting right here in the Buffalo Bill/Bro reservoir in Cody Wyoming… I just knew the fish and chips had to be fresh and good, so I ordered that with slaw and sweet potato fries. Excellent!

Explor Cody 6

Bill opted for the French Dip sandwich and Irma potatoes. He didn’t think it was anything special… Of course not… How can anything “French” be good in the wild, wild, west town of Cody Wyoming? Silly boy,… They don’t do French anything here in the wild, wild, west Bill/Bro… 🙂

Explor Cody 7

After lunch we ventured into a little shop connected to the hotel where they sell all kinds of “shit”. Just take a look at all the  “shit” they sell…. 🙂 LOVED it!!

Explor Cody 8

After lunch, and exploring the little shops of Cody, we stopped at the Buffalo Bill Dam Visitors Center that is the first thing you see when you come out of the three tunnels that take you through, instead of over, the mountains that divide the town of Cody from the Buffalo Bill State Park where we are residing for the summer.

Explor Cody 13

I am in Awe every time we come through that tunnel and I see these souring mountains that surround the reservoir

Explor Cody 12

I hope I NEVER get used to seeing this kind of beauty all around me…

Explor Cody 9

The next picture is of the Buffalo Bill Dam. It is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the Shoshone River in Cody Wyoming. It is named after the famous wild west figure William “Buffalo Bill” Cody who founded the nearby town of Cody. He owned much of the land now covered by the reservoir formed by the dam construction. 325 Ft high, 70 ft wide at the base. Built in 1910. I can only imagine what the people that worked on this dam endured, and what it took for the people that worked on that dam to survive. At the visitor’s center we learned that 8 people died, three were blinded, and some lost limbs during the construction of the dam.. Just imagine what it took to construct something like this in the 1900’s..

Explor Cody 10

Just as we finished up our tour of the Buffalo Bill Dam, we noticed a big storm about to descend upon us so we headed home to a rustic stew I have cooking in the crock-pot that I will complete with homemade biscuits… Perfect meal to end a perfect day..

Explor Cody 11

Stay Tuned!

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    May 21, 2016 @ 22:17:23

    Well first of all you’ve made me hungry as hell! All that wonderful looking food and then to be reminded you have a crockpot cooking! It is amazing to think of building that huge dam…one would think more people would have been injured or killed. So happy that you are enjoying your wild wild west. Go ride em cowgirl! Love you!


    • beyondcinderella
      May 22, 2016 @ 00:06:33

      Well, as far as cooking goes GG, just know that whenever you and Bob/bro come to visit I will have a big pot of something good for you to eat as well… You know how I love to cook… Yes it was amazing to us as well to learn the stats regarding loss of life when building the dam… And, oh, YES GG, you know I am lovin life here in Cowboy/Cowgirl country… Love, Love, Love, IT! XoXo


  2. Bill
    May 21, 2016 @ 23:44:23

    We did have a time in town and I have to say that the men working on the dam had to work on it in the winter time,not fun if anyone has ever been in the winter sub zero degrees.
    The stew was Delicious yes with a capital D,the biscuits were warm and flakey.Great day!


  3. Ellen Sweeny Kaufman
    May 22, 2016 @ 01:11:43

    Sounds like you are getting acquainted with the town and all the beautiful scenery.. That motel and bar is gorgeous and those mountains are unbelievable to the eye. So happy you are enjoying yourselves and have a pleasant place to stay. Love you and keep having fun😊


    • beyondcinderella
      May 22, 2016 @ 02:30:13

      Thank you Aunt Ellen. We are so grateful for this opportunity to be retired and work/camping in a different state every summer and returning to our beautiful Arizona every winter. Love and hugs to all. XoXo


      • Ellen Sweeny Kaufman
        May 25, 2016 @ 22:18:37

        Wish we were able to join you on your trips. Bill could teach Harvey a lot of things about camping and how to excess in the wide open spaces. The closes we ever got to camping was on Your Aunt Katy’s farm and that was like close enough to nature. Just a bunch of city folks that don’t know what their missing. Glad you are having fun, I know your Mom would have love you life in you beautiful motor home . Enjoy and talk with you later . Love you until your next adventure … 💋❤️✝

      • beyondcinderella
        May 25, 2016 @ 23:56:03

        Wish you and Uncle Harvey could join us too. I know we would have a blast around the nightly campfire…will keep posting our adventures… so stay tuned!! Love and hugs to all… xoxo

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