The GRAND Tetons

Oh, my, I know I don’t have the words to give justice to the majestic beauty of the Grand Tetons. It took 29 years for my husband, Bill, and I to get there…, and he told me for 29 years that I would be absolutely amazed when I saw the Grand Tetons and the surround mountain range… He sure was right about that! Everything I’ve seen in Wyoming is stunningly beautiful, but the Grand Tetons just took my breath away when I first laid my eyes on them…

We set out about 7:30 in the morning with a picnic lunch to share at the Grand Tetons. I was excited, and full of anticipation of what I was going to see, and wondered if  I would think it was really as beautiful as Bill told me it would be for all the years we have been together…

Along our way we saw many beautiful and amazing sights. Like this beautiful lake surrounded by more forest trees than I’ve ever seen.


We stopped and took time to smell and enjoy fields of beautiful wild flowers like these.


And who wouldn’t stop to capture a picture of this beauty grazing on the side of the road?


It was a beautiful day, without a cloud in the sky, and Bill and I laughed and talked our way from the east entrance of Yellowstone Park, right through the south entrance of the Park, and on into the Grand Teton National Park area… Then, before I knew it, the Grand Teton mountain range was right in front of me, and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined…


Until we got even closer and saw the Grand Teton mountain itself…


A nice lady took this picture of Bill and I  together in front of our 29 year destination place.. This is the spot where we enjoyed our picnic lunch, and just took in all the beautiful scenery around us… Thank-you Bill for showing me why I just had to see the Grand Tetons… I will never forget this experience, and I love that we shared this beautiful experience together… I love you babe… 🙂 🙂


After lunch we made our way to Jackson Wyoming. Bill told me about Jackson for the same amount of time he told me about the Tetons… But it had been about 40 years since he had been to Jackson, and unlike the Grand Tetons…, Jackson had changed. One of our co-workers told us that the billionaires ran the millionaires out of Jackson, and now instead of it being a quaint rustic western town… it’s all high-end and high-class… As an example…, we went into the little shops and everything was so high-priced we almost couldn’t even afford to look at what they were selling… Bill saw a cowboy hat that was over $600.oo, and it didn’t even say Stetson on it!!!  I was disappointed because I was expecting it to be more of a real rustic western town… But it is a pretty little town with flower lined sidewalks and a ski lift in the background… I didn’t even know cowboys/cowgirls went skiing. How would they get their boots into those ski’s?



And, they sure like to collect antlers… This is just one of many antler arches we saw… WOW!!!


I want to say to our daughter, Shantel, as you read this, I just don’t have the words to tell you what the Grand Tetons look like… and of course you can’t see the pictures, but just think about whatever comes to your mind when you think of what beautiful is, and what comes to your mind, and what you feel, when you think of one of your favorite experiences….. and you will have an idea of what seeing the Grand Tetons with Papa was like for me… I love you.

Once again, I want to give a big THANK-YOU to my loving husband, Bill, for making our dream of seeing the Grand Tetons together come true… It was everything you said it would be and so much MORE. I love you!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. Holly
    Jun 11, 2016 @ 20:53:22

    Hi Girlfriend,

    It sounds like you guys had a blast. Chuck’s Dad years ago told me Teton meant big tits? I am not sure that is true or not, but look at your one picture and it might be.

    Jackson Hole use to be a really fun place, but it has been years since I was there also. One time we went to a working cattle ranch for dinner near Jackson Hole and we had a really good time. They sang songs and we all had dinner at these long tables. Everyone sits together. That may be something you might want to look into if you won’t do the river run. lol

    Hugs and loves.




    • beyondcinderella
      Jun 11, 2016 @ 21:22:35

      Oh, yes, girlfriend you did tell me the “story” your father-in-law told you about what Teton means… And I’m not sure if that is true or not either…
      No, my desire to take a river run has not changed…It amazes me that you, who doesn’t like to stay in hotel rooms, or go to movies, because of what you might pick-up there… is telling me to take a river run knowing I don’t like to be cold, and you know that water is like ice water, and there is no way to avoid getting wet… Get a clue, girlfriend, I’m just trying to stay warm… The coldest winter I’ve had in my life is this summer in Wyoming… XoXo


  2. Bill/Bro
    Jun 11, 2016 @ 21:53:32

    The look on your face when we got out of the Yellowstone Park, and finally saw the Grand Tetons mountain range ,and you asked me if that was the Tetons ,was priceless.
    I am so glad you were so impressed with what you saw, because it has been so long until we got to see it together.
    What a fun day, and the great pictures we took and posted, to let everyone see what we saw. They all have to see it in person.
    Love you Girly so glad you are my best friend, and wife.
    With all my love your Bill


  3. gotham girl
    Jun 12, 2016 @ 12:49:56

    Oh you two love birds! I love it! So thrilled that you finally made it to THE place that you both have talked about for years…and that your love so wanted you to experience! The best is yet to come! Love you two!


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