Morning Walk In The Park

Every morning, when Bill and I are not working in the park, I take my daily walk through the park as part of my daily exercise program. Today, I also used the opportunity to get in more practice with the camera on loan to me.

This is the campground (North Fork) we work in 3 day’s a week. It is a good two-mile round trip walk from where we have our motorhome parked. It usually takes me 30 minutes to walk it but now that I am involved with learning how to use a different camera…it takes me much, much, longer… but it’s so much fun!


Wild flowers grow everywhere here. Even right up through rocky ground. Funny, I can’t get a flower to grow in a pot for me, but they grow like crazy all over this park.


Just across the street from the entrance to the campground is a day use area where lots of people come to park their cars and launch small boats, rafts, and kayaks into the water. The fishing is great and most everyone says they catch their limits everyday. Bill and I cleared that parking lot from tumble weeds and overgrown grass just prior to the beginning of the fishing season. Just look how nice it looks now?


Bill and I also trimmed all the low hanging branches from all these trees so the maintenance crew can get under them with the lawn mowers without hitting their heads on the branches. Bill used a small chainsaw to cut down the branches, and I would drag them over to the side of the roadway and pile them up to be taken away to the burn pile. Who knew we would turn into such good landscapers!


In the far background of this next picture you can see where the horses, that come past our moterhome almost every evening, live. They are allowed to just wander all over those hills, but they always go back to their home base at night.


This ladder to nowhere just cracks me up every time I pass it so I thought I would take a picture and share it on my blog. It just sits out there in the middle of nowhere, I guess in case someone wants to climb over the barbed wire fence that is open just a few feet down from the ladder…


I love these log fences that surround the campgrounds so I thought I would take a picture of it too.


Then, it’s back up the long road that leads me back to where our moterhome is parked behind the house in the distance.


When I arrived back at our little ranch…. I decided to take some more pictures of flowers that are blooming in our yard.


I don’t know what kind of flowers these are but there are big yellow and black fuzzy bees all over them..


They also have cute little ladybugs on the leaves, like the one in the center of this picture.


Around the back of the house where we are parked is what my neighbor told me she thinks is a gooseberry bush. Some of the berries are red…


And some are blue. I thought they were blueberries but what do I know?


I will never be at a loss for things to practice taking pictures of around here, and hopefully, as I practice you will start to see improvements in the quality of the pictures I take. Right now there is just so much to read in the on-line manual, and try to remember… I tell you I don’t know how anyone can store that much information in their head. I so admire people that can read a manual and apply the information spot on… I try, but most of what I learn is through trail and error before I obtain anything remotely close to success…but if nothing else, I am tenacious… 🙂


Hope you enjoyed my walk in the park. Thanks for coming along. My favorite picture I took this morning is the 7th one down from the top of the log fence. Would love to know if you see one you like better than the others?

Stay Tuned!

Country Back Roads

Oh, how I have come to love those country back roads here in Wyoming…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog. Not because I haven’t had anything I wanted to share, but a few weeks back I mentioned to my husband, Bill, that I was frustrated with the little point and shoot camera I have been using ever since I first started my blog, because it was starting to stick when I would try to capture a picture… So if I was trying to take a picture of an animal etc. by the time that camera would actually snap the picture the animal was already long gone. That camera was never even mine to begin with, my mother bought it for Bill for his birthday years ago, and I just started using it for my blog because I never had a camera of my own… I know, poor me right?

Anyway, unknown to me, Bill mentioned to my frissy, Robin, (who is a master photographer in my opinion, and who has had her photography published in NYC, you can see her work at ) that he wanted to buy me a new camera, and wanted her thoughts on a good, affordable, camera that he could buy me as a surprise… I love good surprises so that would have been the best one for me at this point in my life when I am trying to take pictures of where we are traveling, and what we are seeing..

Well, frissy suggested to Bill that she would like to send me her first big girl camera for me to try out and see if I would like something like that. OMG! When the camera she sent for me to practice on arrived, I almost had a heart attack to see that it is a Nikon camera, complete with two lenses, all the attachments, and a carrying case. I LOVE that frissy has that much trust in me to let me practice on this expensive camera… but OMG, I was afraid to even take the camera out of the case for fear I would screw up something on it… I have never even looked through the lens of a camera like this, let alone try to practice with something like this…

But slowly, I started trying to take pictures with frissy’s camera. And little by little I was confident enough to send her a few pictures as email attachments to show her how I was doing and let her know I was loving the camera and the practice of getting used to a “big girl” camera…

Finally, I got confident enough to take some pictures that I wanted to post on my blog, but every time I tried to post them I got an error message… Long story shortened, frissy, and her husband, Bob, were able to tell Bill and I what we needed to do to change the pictures from one file type to another that my blog would accept. Only one problem with that… they told us what to do, we thought we did it… but finally realized (after a week), that we did do what they said… but we failed to save the changes within the camera… and that is why it has taken me so long (weeks) to get pictures from the camera she is letting me use to practice with, to my blog…

However, I am happy to say today I am finally able to share some pictures I took while Bill and I were traveling down some back country roads here in beautiful Wyoming. I have a LONG way to go to get right with this kind of camera…, but I’m having a ball practicing with it. Take a look…

Bill and I took a drive down a winding country road on the backside of the Buffalo Bill reservoir called South Fork Road. A beautiful drive filled with lots of unexpected surprises…


Like this beautiful green valley with a river running through it.


Bill and I just couldn’t get over how clear this river was and how secluded this little hidden treasure is from where we are located. If the locals had not shared this gem with us… we would have never know how to get here.


Bill and I had no clue that this beautiful green valley was just beyond the mountains where we are staying. That is just another reason we love this type of work/camp experience… We learn what the typical tourist would not learn…


There are baby fawns to be seen now everywhere. I barely captured this one through the windshield of our car as it was running after it’s mother. Not a good picture but the best I could get with almost no time to get the camera ready…


Of course there are lots of horses along the back country roads. And this one just happened to pose for me …


This is the backside of the Buffalo Bill reservoir from where we live. No matter where you look… it’s all beautiful.


Lots of almost hidden treasures grow here if you look for them… And now that I am looking for them I am finding lots of little treasures like these little flowers hidden among the dried out grasses…


I am loving practicing with this new to me camera that my frissy loaned to me. I will to continue to practice, and I hope I make her proud of my efforts, knowing I have a long, long, way to go… But one thing I have learned is the journey is the best part of it all to me… 🙂

Thank You Frissy for trusting me with you first, and my only, “big girl camera…”

Little, by little, in baby steps… I WILL learn…

Stay Tuned



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