Wild-Fire Update

The wild-fire that has been burning all week just a few miles from where Bill and I live here in Cody Wyoming, is at last report 30% contained now.

Bill and I took a drive around the backside of Sheep Mountain where the fire was raging just a few days ago. Now the fire is burning further west, but the destruction it left behind will be visible for years to come. The areas where the fire didn’t reach is beautiful, thanks to the round the clock work of the brave men and women firefighters that are here from all over the country fighting to save this beautiful landscape.

Here are a few pictures to show how beautiful the areas are that remain untouched by the wild-fire.




We saw beautiful ranches like this that were spared from the flames that burned most of the mountains in the distance behind this home…


Don’t you know these people are truly thankful for the great work the firefighters did to keep the fire away from their families, homes, and livestock?


But, as you can see by all the dark areas in the picture below, the entire mountain just behind many of these ranches has been burned.


And if you look closely in the center (just behind the green trees) of this next picture, you can see where the field in front of a ranch home is completely burnt black, but the home is still standing.


And the wild-fire is still burning, although it has moved several miles west from where Bill and I live.


As the fire continues to burn, more and more firefighters are arriving to help fight it. Our North Fork campground looks like a small town within itself. This is just one of many areas the firefighters are occupying. We are so happy and proud to have them here with us.


Just down the road from the campground where the firefighters have their command center set up, they have also set up a staging area for helicopters that dip water to dump on the fire to land and take off, and where they can park their water trucks for refueling etc.


Hot Shot teams are here from all over the country as well. The green trucks in the picture below belong to the San Juan Hot Shots. This whole wild-fire fighting operation is just amazing. What an up close and personal education Bill and I are getting as we watch and learn what it really takes to fight a wild-fire…


I will continue to  provide wild-fire updates from time to time if anything major happens, but for now I just want my family and friends to know that Bill and I, and all our friends/neighbors and co-workers, are all safe.

When you see the firefighters coming in after their shift fighting the fire, their faces are black with ashes, they look worn out and it just overwhelms you with emotion for them and what they do… So I will ask that you please continue to keep the firefighters fighting this fire, and all the great people that are here taking care of their needs, in your thoughts and prayers.

Stay Tuned

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Aug 07, 2016 @ 21:32:24

    All these images and not ONE firefighter. Geez…he he…just kidding! Such beautiful country! I can’t even imagine how these folks do it…keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers!! Love you! ❤️


    • beyondcinderella
      Aug 07, 2016 @ 21:49:40

      I know GG… I tried but they were all working in areas where we are not allowed.. Bro and I are off now until Tuesday, then I will be back in the booth from 7-11 every morning so I will be there to see them coming in from the night shift, and those leaving for their shifts int he morning… I will take your camera and try my best to capture some pictures of them just for you.. Stay Tuned. Xoxo


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