Christmas 2016

Anyone that knows me, knows, I LOVE Christmas. I love everything about it. I love decorating our home, cooking special holiday meals to share with family and friends that come to visit us, and going to visit family and friends that invite us into their Christmas celebrations…

When Bill and I were still living in our home with Shantel, I went all out decorating for Christmas. I had Christmas decorations in every room of our home as well as having the outside of our home lit up and decorated.  For me, and my family, Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. For us, Jesus is the reason for the season.

That said, when I host a celebration of a birth, or birthday, of someone I care about, I always what to make sure in addition to the food we will share, that I decorate our home as best I can to show how much that person means to me…

Well, now that Bill and I are full-time RVers, of course I don’t have room for all the beautiful decorations I displayed when we had our home in Chandler. In fact, we had to leave years of decorations, and memories, I collected behind, because I just don’t have room to carry them around with me… And, more importantly, when Bill and I made the decision to go full-time RV, I decided I wanted to let go of  past “stuff”, knowing I don’t need “stuff” to remind me of past memories… I will always keep those memories in my heart.

So…, I decided I wanted Bill and I to start new memories when we started this new retirement life. With that, I knew I still want to celebrate, and decorate for Christmas, but on a much smaller scale…

*Note to readers: I write my blog for our daughter, Shantel, who lost her sight to cancer when she was two. So I always try to explain each picture in as much detail as I can so she can get an idea of the pictures I post.. Her phone has voice-over that will read to her what is written.  I also love that our sighted family and friends enjoy reading my blog, and I especially love it when you leave your comments..

Welcome to Christmas in our home, 2016, at McDowell Mountain Regional Park.

On the side table between the two reclining chairs, I have a Santa bucket (little red and white bucket with a black Santa belt in the middle) holding candy canes. I also put some Christmas flowers, and ornament that says seasons greetings.


We have a small green metal Christmas tree that has little tiny Christmas ornaments attached to it.


I hung a Santa hat from one of the fans in our RV.


And a center piece with evergreens, pine cones, and berries that sits on the dash of our RV.


I put a Santa face bath rug in front of our shower that is mostly red(hat), white (beard), and green (background).


A snowflake tissue box, and cinnamon scented pine cones, are spread throughout our home giving off a warm and inviting holiday smell.


I placed a second Santa hat above the bathroom sink, hung over the hand towel holder. Not to worry, we have a paper towel holder on the bathroom sink to wipe your hands..


I flipped our bedroom comforter to show the red/green plaid, and placed your childhood favorites, Velveteen Rabbit and Hug-a-muffin, (that you said you didn’t need anymore when you moved from our home to your own place, but I just couldn’t leave behind after all they saw us through…) on our bed. I will NEVER give them up!


And finally, this is a picture of the reclining chairs in our home( where you sit when you travel with us) which is the area I most use to decorate for the holiday’s .  It shows most of what I described to you above as far as the main living area… Can’t  wait to spend Christmas Eve at your apartment, along with your best friend, and our dear friends, Jaz, Holly and Chuck.


And this next picture is just for my frissy. She loaned me a Nikon camera so I could practice taking pictures with a “big girl” camera. And, because she loves abstract photography, this is my attempt at a close-up of our little metal Christmas tree with the little tiny ornaments..


We are ready, and anxious, to celebrate Christmas with our family and friends.. Let the fun of the season begin!!!

Stay Tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Nov 25, 2016 @ 05:45:40

    OH!!!! How I adore your abstract! Wonderful job!!! Love this post…all your place needs is YOU in it…cause you are Christmas! Love you! xoxoxo


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