What A Man…

I saw a TV Ad that featured a young father, supporting his  young daughter, by putting on make-up, and sporting a tutu for his young daughter’s birthday party. The song that went along with the ad was “what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man… Well I have a man like that…

Wow! This is a very emotional post for me because there are so many reasons why I LOVE my husband, Bill.

I am dedicating this post to him because he has, and continues show me his heart, and soul ,everyday in every way…

If you follow my blog, and for sure if you are family or friends, you know I have always said my husband, Bill, is a Saint in my eyes… And, what I’m going to share in this post just brought that home to me once again…

As many of you know, our daughter, Shantel, is totally blind. She had both eyes removed before she was two years old, so she has no memory of colors… But, when she was very young, I would help her understand colors by telling her for instance that red is a very warm color, where as green, and blue can be very cool colors etc.

Well, to make a long story as short as I can… Bill has always baked Christmas cookies with Shantel, and that continued on this year… He spent last Sunday helping Shantel, and her friend, Jaz, bake two different kinds of cookies, and some fudge.

Then, on Monday, Bill and I went to Costco, and Bill mentioned that he noticed while he was baking cookies with Shantel, that she really needs some new cookware because her Teflon pans were chipping and not good to use… So, we looked around Costco, and found a 10 piece ceramic cookware set, for a good price, and picked up a set that was black…

Bill said that I should tell Shantel that we bought her a cookware set because she said she was going order a new set on-line…

I called Shantel, and told her that Papa and I bought her a 10 piece cookware set and it was black…, Shantel said thank-you,  I really appreciate it, I was just about to order a cook set in red…

Well, Bill thought that over, and surprised me today by telling me that he was going to Costco to get gas, and said he was going to exchange the black cookware set for a red set… OMG. What a MAN!!

Bill stood in a line 10 to 12 people deep to exchange the black cookware set for red, for our daughter that is blind…


Then, after he left Costco, he went to the Honey Baked Ham store, and stood in yet another long line, to pick up the ham we will take to Shantel’s home for Christmas Eve.


We supply the ham for Christmas Eve, Shantel supplies the cookies, fudge, and scalloped potatoes, while our dear friends, Holly and Chuck, supply the chips, dips, table, chairs, and table-cloth…

Shantel is having a really hard time in her second training class  for a job ( the first training class was not ready with the computer software she needs, but she showed up everyday and did the best she could) at a company that helps people select the right Medicare insurance plan for them. She does have the voice-over software on her computer in her training class now, but just like when she was in school, and used JAWS, if there is a picture, the software just says “image” and does not explain what the picture shows…. She asks for help from her peers, and the instructor, but she says they are now all getting irritated with her because she has to ask for help….

Shantel told me that she forgot her lunch the other day. She went to the break room and tried to scan a snack to buy, but she couldn’t get it to scan… She said as she struggled to scan the item, she could hear her peers at the table behind her laughing, but not one of them offered to help her. Finally, she said a complete stranger came up and offered to help her.

As her parents, we pray for Shantel to find the job that will be right for her, where she will obtain gainful and meaningful employment, in an environment where she will be accepted and respected for the beautiful person she is.

This, is why we help Shantel as much as we can..

Find someone to help this Christmas season…

Stay Tuned!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bill
    Dec 22, 2016 @ 01:12:00

    Thanks for the post, I truly believe that the pans were in bad shape and needed replaced, Teflon chips in your food does not enhance the taste at all.
    Like I said about the fellow employees, Karma will get them all.
    Love you your Bill


  2. gotham girl
    Dec 22, 2016 @ 05:41:32

    My bro is so right…I too am a big believer in KARMA and one day they will all rot in hell! And yes…you are one lucky lady!!! Love you both! xoxo


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