Conquering Lousley Hill Trail

I’ve been feeling under the weather for the past week and a half. That, and because of all the rain we’ve had over the past couple of weeks, kept me from getting out and hiking the trails here at the park for way too long.

Today is the first day that I’m finally starting to feel alive again, so of course, I was anxious to hit the trails and soak up some of the very welcomed sunshine we are experiencing once again.

Bill and I want to experience all the trails within the parks while we are here. Today we decided we would hike Lousley “Hill” Trail for the first time. It reads like an easy hike. In fact when I googled Lousley Hill Trail, the little blurb describing the hike read “nice easy stroll.” I was a little surprised then to see that the park trail map described the 1.2 mile hike as “Moderate.” I wasn’t too concerned because Bill and I are experienced hikers (we hike every week on our day’s off), so off we went…  The sign at the trailhead didn’t say anything about the hike, and the hill behind the sign is what I thought was Lousley Hill…


The hike started out nice and easy and fairly flat so I was beginning to think this was going to be a “nice easy stroll.”


The trail lead us through a wash where evidence of the recent rains can be seen in the deep ridges cut into the sand.


Part of the trail is flat and lined with rocks making it look like a lovely stroll. Right? Very deceiving as to what lies ahead..


Once you reach the end of the rock-lined trail you immediately begin the long, steep, climb up the “hill.”


And you climb, and you climb, and you climb way up high….


Until you reach a summit with a railing to keep you from falling right of the edge…


Thankfully, at this high point of the hike, you come upon a bench where you can catch your breath, and take a much-needed rest…


As a reward for making the steep journey you can add a rock to the rock pile started by other hikers that have gone before you.  Had we not climbed this “hill” we would never have known this rock pile was even there.


Then, as “they” say, “what goes up, must come down… so we began the long, steep, journey down the other side of the “hill.” It was at this point that I told Bill I wish he would have brought his hiking stick with him like I did because some areas of the decent were very steep and rocky. Bill said “yes, I wish I had my hiking stick too but right now I think I’d rather have a parachute.”


As we continued to make our way down the “hill”, I told Bill I was glad that this hike was only 1.2 miles long because my legs were shaking and I really didn’t think I could have done another steep mile today. Bill laughed and said “yeah, if this hike was any longer we would be sucking hind tit by the time we get back.” OMG, I laughed so hard I had to stop in place so I wouldn’t lose my footing and roll off the “hill”.


We finally reached the sandy wash that was the sure sign we were back on flat ground again and near the car.  Bill said it was our welcomed sandy beach without water.


Normally this hike would not have been so difficult for Bill or I. We usually take much longer hikes. I think part of it for me was that it was a bit much for day one after being sick. That, and the fact that because of all the recent rains, neither Bill or I have been hiking at all, and this was a very steep “hill.” Today, for me, this “hill” felt like McDowell Mountain Regional Park’s answer to San Tan Mountain Regional Park’s Goldmine Mountain Hike.

Now that we are back on track… who knows what “hills” we will conquer next!

Stay Tuned!


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