Archery Lesson

I haven’t posted anything in a month because I have been real busy working on other current events that are very important to me and my family…

But today, I took time out to participate in something I’ve always found interesting… Archery, using a compound bow.

I wanted to document my lesson for our daughter, Shantel, and any of my family/friends that care to know.

Our Ranger, Amy, here at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, offered an introduction to archery to any of the park host, or park staff, that cared to participate…Well I was all over that offer!

This class was held just beyond the North Trail, and turned out to be the perfect space to get an idea of what archery, with a compound bow, is all about.

Amy is the perfect person to introduce newbies to this sport because she is so calm, has the patience of a saint, making the whole experience not only a learning experience, but also FUN!!!


Straight away Amy explained the 11 steps to archery success as outlined on the whiteboard below.


Once we understood the steps to success of archery, Amy went on to explain what the whistle commands are when participating in archery lessons…


Things like two whistle blows mean “get bow”, three whistle blows mean “go get arrows”… five whistle blows mean something is wrong, stop everything and get behind the starting line…


We also learned that you NEVER, EVER, “dry shoot” and that means you never, ever, pull the bow-string on a compound bow and release without an arrow…because that can really mess up the pulleys on a compound bow.


A member of our maintenance staff, John, pictured below, agreed to demonstrate the proper, stance, draw,

etc. dsc_00111


We learned there is also a proper way to remove your arrows from the target. You start at the top, putting one hand around the top arrow and the other hand under the arrow (both hands touching) and pull the arrow out, placing it on the ground, while you go on to collect your other arrows one at a time… Once all your arrows are removed from the target, and on the ground, you collect them all together, tap the tips on the top of the target, and walk back to the starting line with one hand covering the tips of your arrows…


Finally, it was my time to actually shoot the compound bow… I was so excited as I selected my bow from the rack


Once you have your bow out of the rack, you hold it upright with one end resting on your toe to keep it out of the dirt…


When it is your turn to put your arrow in the bow… you learn very quickly that there is a right and wrong way  to do that as well. But again, Amy is so good at explaining everything, and making you feel so comfortable…you just relax, and follow her instructions…


And the next thing you know you are taking aim,


And hitting your target… One of my arrows landed in the white section of the target, one in the black section, two in the red and one landed at the very top of the yellow section… OMG.. What FUN!!!


Then it was time for more practice for me, as my fellow host, Julie, (shown in the picture below this one in the pink), took her turn….


Julie, and all the other participants, did great too. And the main thing was that we all had fun which is what this was all about…


Big THANK-YOU to our McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Ranger Amy, for taking this time out of her busy day/week to share her knowledge of this fun sport, Archery!

Still Lovin this retirement life, and looking forward to many more years of happy, carefree, retirement travel.

Stay Tuned!

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