Lunch At The Country Club

So yesterday, I posted about the trip Bill and I took to Strawberry, Pine, and Payson, and what fun we had sightseeing, hiking, and that we were going to have a picnic lunch.

Everything went as expected. Well, almost everything. We planned to have our picnic lunch in the Tonto Natural Bridge area, but we finished our hike a little too early for lunch, so we decided we would make our way on up to Payson. I reminded Bill of a lovely park in Payson, that we used to take Shantel to when she was very young and we went camping in the Payson pines… I told him the park was Munds Park and it was just off the main drag in Payson…

Well, when we arrived in Payson, we looked and looked for that special little Munds Park, but we couldn’t find it anywhere. We drove up and down every street in the town of Payson, but could not find Munds park anywhere.

Finally, I told Bill I was starving, and said “we’re in Payson, just find a nice shady spot so we can have our picnic.” We happened to be passing the Payson Golf Course so he pulled in, parked under a big nice shade tree, and we had a lovely picnic lunch in the parking lot of the Payson Golf Course. Ham and cheese sandwiches with all the fixings, chips, fruit and nuts… It was wonderful!! We laughed as the people on golf carts drove by looking at us. We didn’t care one bit what they thought, because we were in our own little picnic world.. And I told Bill, hey, I guess you could say we are having lunch at the Country Club… 🙂

Of course, we all know things don’t always go as planned. But you see, for Bill and I, it doesn’t really matter what we are doing, what really matters to us is that whatever we do, we almost always find a way to make it fun. Certainly, fun things haven’t always just fallen into our laps over the years, but one of the most important things our daughter, Shantel, taught us, is that when something doesn’t go as you planned…, make another plan.

Bill and I are going on 30 years together. We thought we always did that, but as Shantel got older, and is now living out on her own, and we see all she goes through just to manage her daily life…, we find we are really just beginning to know what that really means.

And, because inquiring minds want to know…, when we got home I looked up Munds park. No wonder we couldn’t find it in Payson… It’s 15 miles south of Flagstaff! Opps, my bad. Good thing we are good at making new plans on the spot. And, nothing to wonder about here as to why we didn’t think to Google it while we were driving around looking for it… we just didn’t that’s all. Nothing to wonder about us at all.. Ha! :):)

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all. Bill and I will celebrate with leftover homemade green chili that I will use to make burritos’.  I’m sure we will laugh and say we’re almost visiting Mexico tonight.

Life is all what we make it, we choose to make it FUN!

Stay Tuned!







6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bill
    May 05, 2017 @ 19:37:03

    Just another adventure in our retired life, laughing and eating a gormet lunch at the country club, what a life.
    Your Bill.


  2. Ellen Kaufman
    May 05, 2017 @ 19:48:32

    Wonderful attitude and lovely place to have lunch….have a great dinner, sounds really good.
    Love you 😘 😘


  3. gotham girl
    May 07, 2017 @ 00:54:50

    Oh, great story! What a perfect place for lunch! Oh, and happy belated Cinco de Mayo! Now talk about memories!!! Love you!


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