Oregon Coast Beauty

Bill and I will be leaving Bullards Beach State Park on Tuesday, and making our way to the Mount Hood area for a couple of weeks before moving on to Prospect, and the Crater Lake area of Oregon.  So, we decided to take another drive along the coastline, and just take in some more of all the beauty there is to soak up here.

We stopped to take in this area during low tide, and found this interesting wash cut into the sand by a creek that feeds into the ocean.

Then we made a stop at Sunset Bay State Park to visit the stunning Botanical Gardens. Such care taken when they created this wonderland of beautiful landscaping showcasing amazing flowers of every color.

Around every corner is a treat for the eyes, and the smell of some of the roses just can’t be beat.


Immaculate lawns and well manicured hedges surround every type of flower.


A peaceful pond sits in the middle of the gardens with benches placed all around the pond so you can stop and just take it all in.

We were intrigued by the size of the leaves on this plant called a Gunnera Manicata, known as a Brazilian giant-rhubarb, or Dinosaur food. The leaves in this plant are the size of a small child.

And some of the roses were as big as a newborn baby’s head.


We continued up the coast, and made our way over to Cape Arago State Park, for one last look at the clear blue water that just leaves you spellbound as you watch the waves splash up on the huge rocks that jet up out of the ocean.

I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking at the beautiful rock formations in and around this amazing Oregon Coastline.

Both Bill and I feel like we’ve had the journey of a lifetime here on the Oregon Coast, and we feel so very blessed for   the opportunity to come here. We can’t wait to see what else awaits us as we travel further into Oregon.

Stay Tuned!

Newport, Oregon

Bill and I enjoyed a lovely road trip up the Oregon coast today. Destination, Newport, Oregon. I’m posting this for anyone interested in our travels, but I’m documenting it for our daughter, Shantel.

Shantel, there just are no words in my vocabulary to adequately describe the beautiful views around each and every curve in the highway when you travel up the Oregon coast. This first picture shows a lighthouse in the distance, and a beautiful beach with waves washing up on the shore, and it’s all surrounded by big, beautiful trees. It’s all just breath-taking, and Papa and I are feeling so blessed to be here and experiencing all this beauty.

When we arrived in Newport, the sun was shinning and the wind was calm. We wandered in and out of all the little shops selling all kinds of beach like items.

Next, we made our way down to the beach which was within a quarter-mile from where we parked on the main street.

Finally, we made our way to the Chowder Bowl for lunch. I had fish tacos, Bill/Papa had fish and chips, and we shared a cup of clam chowder. It was all good, but as we are on a quest to see which fish and chips, fish tacos, and clam chowder we like the best while we are in Oregon…, we still think Bandon Fish Market wins hands down.

After lunch, we made our way to the Pirate’s Plunder Antique & Collectibles Mall. I read about this online, and wanted to check it out. I love looking in Antique stores, but after visiting Sweet Pea’s Antique store in Cottonwood Az., I guess I’m spoiled to what they have to offer.



The only thing that really caught mine, and Papa’s eye, in this store was a T-shirt with an emblem on it that says, “Illegal Immigration started in 1492”. In the background, there is an image of one of the ships Columbus had in his fleet when he thought he founded America… However, as we know, this land was already occupied by the Indians. But, you also well know the rest of that history, and how it worked out for the Indians…

The last stop we made was at a roadside visitor center where anyone willing to pay $14.00 each could walk down a paved path to visit a Sea Lion cave. Papa and I didn’t do that. But, I captured another pretty picture of the coast line from that vantage point.

It was a lovely day. We had fun just driving, talking, and laughing, all along the beautiful Oregon Coast. It was nice to get out of the campground and spend some time just taking in all the beauty around us.

Shantel, we love and miss you always. Our time here at Bullards Beach State Park is coming to a close. Only ten more working days here. We leave here on August 1st.

Stay tuned for more of our Oregon adventures.


I’ve been told more than once over my lifetime that I am tenacious…

A Google search of the word tenacious gives this definition: “not readily relinquishing a position, principle, or course of action, determined: Persisting in existence; not easily dispelled”. I think tenacious is the word I will choose to describe my quest to capture a sunset on the beach here on the Oregon Coast. A sunset that shows the big, golden, sun, sitting right down into the ocean… And, along with that… I just want to get to go to the beach for the day to “play”…

Well, we’ve been to the beach, night after night trying to capture that elusive golden sunset… only to be disappointed by fog, low hanging clouds, and/or rain, rain, rain. But I keep trying, and will continue to do so…

However, today is our day off, and when we got up this morning, I asked Bill if he would like to go to the beach today after church? He said he would. The weather was beautiful here in the campground this morning.

The sun was shining, the wild flowers were showing their pretty little faces…

The Coquille River that runs along the campground was calm and smooth… not a ripple to be seen…

But…, don’t you just know, when we reached the beach, just a short three miles from our campground, the sky was dark and gloomy, and the wind felt like it was blowing at gale force, blowing sand so hard it felt like we were being sandblasted!!!

No other people were on the beach. I guess they had better sense than we do, or they just are not as tenacious and I am… 🙂

But, on the bright side, I did manage to get one picture that I like, so I also made it my background picture on my Facebook page for a while.

After the not so fun experience at our beach, we decided to take a drive a little further down the beach towards Bandon to see if the same situation was going on there. We drove to the Hotel Windermere on the beach, where our dear friends, Bob, Robin, Megan, and Audrey, will be staying at the end of the month when they come to visit us here on the Oregon Coast.

At first I thought all was well here as we walked along the well manicured path that leads from the hotel to the beach…

But when we arrive at the beach we found pretty much the same situation as we had going on at our end…

Not a soul was on the beach, except for these folks riding horses, and they were making their way back to better conditions too…

Finally, we decided this “play on the beach day” was going to be a wash, so we made our way back up the well manicured trail behind the adorable Hotel Windermere, where every room has a picture perfect view of the ocean. Getting anxious Bob, Robin, Megs, and Audrey? We are anxiously awaiting your arrival and looking forward to making you a wonderful seafood dinner when you get here…

Before we left the Hotel Windermere, we stopped in at the office to ask if fires are allowed on the beach here. The lady behind the desk said in the winter yes, but now that it is summer, and fire season, we would need to check with the Chamber of Commerce to see if there are any summer restrictions…I think we will need to check the same for our beach…

I can’t begin to put into words how beautiful it is here, and how much fun Bill and I are having exploring our surrounding areas so far… I know we haven’t seen anything yet, in regards to how beautiful Oregon is, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think we are in for nothing less than a spectacular summer!

Stay Tuned!



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