Bill and I took a beautiful drive through back country roads, roads with names like county BB road, and R10 road. Roads that took us through beautiful farmlands.

We were headed to Hovenweep. Our friends, and co-hosts, Dave and Deb, told us about this place, and we wanted to experience this magical and spiritual place for ourselves.

I will let the readings I read when we arrived and began our hike through Hovenweep speak to you as they did to me. I found this reading very powerful, spiritual, and thought provoking.

This reading sets the stage for what you’re about to encounter as you walk through Hovenweep.

I keept thinking about both of those readings as I walked through, and gazed upon the structures of Hovenweep. What were the daily lives of the Pueblo Indians like?

What was each structure used for? I’m sure some were dwelling places, some were for storage, and some were places for the tribes to gather together. Much like how we live today. But can you imagine how difficult it would be to store corn, beans, etc. and try to keep rodents, snakes and other critters out of your food supply?

This structure is called Eroded Boulder House. The information sheet says “its another delightful structure visible in the canyon. It incorporates the huge rock under which it sits as part of its roof and walls”. Imagine how difficult it must have been for the Pueblo Indian people to gather the materials (no Home Depot around then), and build these structures with only the tools they could make themselves.

The hiking trails throughout Hovenweep are clearly marked and lined with rocks so you don’t lose you way.

And the whole area is stunningly beautiful. I am always amazed at how these trees can grow out of the rocks.

There are plenty of opportunities to stop, and just take in all the views while pondering on the lives of the Indians that once called this great place home.

Sad, but true, that there have to be signs to tell people to stay on the trails, and not climb on or touch the ancient ruins.

The hike we took through Hovenweep was about 2 miles long, around, and through the canyon. The first 3/4 of the hike was flat and easy, but the last 1//4 was difficult, as we had to descend down,

to the canyon floor,

then climb, climb, climb, back up the canyon wall on the other side.

One of the interesting things we learned, and that really impressed Bill, was that the taller the wild sage bush, the deeper the soil. Something that was useful for the Pueblo Indians when deciding where to plant their crops.

At the end of our two hour hike, we had a wonderful picnic lunch of chicken salad wraps and chips. We laughed and tried to think back about how many picnic lunches we have shared together, in beautiful places, over the last six years of full-time RV retirement life…

On the picnic tables all around us were these signs to remind people to help keep wildlife wild, and not feed the wildlife. It never ceases to amaze me how many people ignore the signs and feed the wildlife anyway…

It was another beautiful, fun-filled day. We always enjoy our trips visiting new places and enjoying nature, and we always practice the outdoor ethics rule of,

Stay Tuned!

Flower Power

Flower power was a slogan used during the late 1960s and early 1970s as a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology. I remember well the “flower children” era. I’m all about peaceful existence and non-violence, but I also really LOVE flowers. I have never been good at keeping flowers alive, but I so enjoy being around flowers. And here, at The Views Rv Park and Campground, in Dolores Colorado,  I have the opportunity to be around lots of beautiful wild flowers every time I take my daily walk. The park is so beautiful and clean. And the views are amazing. But if you love flowers, and pay attention to the little details throughout the park, you will have a “flower power” experience. Walk with me and you will see.

I don’t know the names of most of the flowers, perhaps you will, but all that matters to me is how pretty they are, and the peaceful feeling I get seeing them. These little white flowers are all over the park.

Some of them are pink and white.

There are lots of these pretty yellow flowers,

as well as these.

I love these delicate while flowers with yellow centers. Pretty little gems they are.

And these yellow little flowers dance gracefully in the wind.

We have lovely red roses.

I just had to get a closer look at this red rose in full bloom.

We even have what the owners told me is a apricot tree in the park. I can’t hardly wait for that fruit to ripen. The owners said we could pick what we want from this tree.

We have both purple and white lilac’s throughout the park. These were white, but even now that they are turning brown, they are still beautiful, and still smell great.

Look at the pretty color of the berries on this tree. I was told the owner’s daughter had that same color in her wedding party, and so bunches of these were on the tables at the wedding dinner that was held here in the park.

I’m pretty sure these are Orange Globe Mallow. We have these in Arizona, and whenever I’m traveling during the summer and see these, it always reminds me of my home state, Arizona.

Not sure what these are, but they are a bright, beautiful yellow when they first bloom, then like most flowers, they start turning brown as their season starts to end.

These beauties are snow white when they bloom, they too are starting to show some brown as the season moves on, but still so beautiful.

At the end of this day’s walk, I caught this little surprise out of the corner of my eye. At first I thought it was another flower because all I could see was purple. But when I bent down and picked it up, the first thing that popped in my mind was a line from a childhood song “flying purple people eater…” but this little gem has two eyes. I couldn’t leave her behind so I put her in the cup holder of the work golf cart to brighten the day of any host on duty that day.

Thanks for joining me on one of my daily walks throughout this beautiful park. I hope seeing all these beautiful wild flowers brought a smile to your face like they do mine. If you get a chance, I hope you will come visit this lovely place. If you stay here, you won’t be disappointed.

Stay Tuned

It’s Not All About Catching Fish

It’s about the entire experience.

Sometimes when Bill and I go fishing, we end up not doing anything more than feeding the fish our bait. But when that happens, we focus on just being out in nature, and enjoy seeing all the other things that are going on all around us…

Like seeing these beautiful Elk running through the fields on our way home from one of our fishing trips.

Or watching people who have boats sit for long periods of time and wondering if they are actually catching fish, and if not, why don’t they move on to another spot seeing how they have the ability to go anywhere on the lake…??

These folks spent most of the morning sitting in the spot I moved from just before they came, because I didn’t get even one nibble there even after trying that spot for over an hour. But don’t you know as soon as one of them put their hook in the water, they caught a fish…Go figure. 🙂

Yesterday, Bill went fishing by himself, because I can’t be out in the full sun for long periods of time everyday, and we had just fished together the day before. Bill said while driving to the reservoir he got caught up in a cattle drive. Little did he know, the cowboys were driving the cows right to the same reservoir where Bill went to fish.

Bill said about an hour after he drove past the cattle drive, the whole herd showed up to join him at his fishing spot.

Today Bill and I went back to that same reservoir, and watched two unsuspecting young women friends enjoy floating on inner tubes in the exact spot where the whole herd of cows were drinking, and doing their business… And these stand up paddle boarders had no idea what they were about to fall into either.. Oh well, like “they” say… “what you don’t know won’t hurt you… ” right? Just don’t swallow that water…


We really can’t complain about not catching any fish today, because our freezer is pretty full of fish right now. We have ten rainbow trout in our freezer,  but after the grilled fish and armadillo eggs BBQ we’re hosting this month, we will have lots more room in the freezer for…, more fish! :):)

Stay tuned!



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