It’s Not All About Catching Fish

It’s about the entire experience.

Sometimes when Bill and I go fishing, we end up not doing anything more than feeding the fish our bait. But when that happens, we focus on just being out in nature, and enjoy seeing all the other things that are going on all around us…

Like seeing these beautiful Elk running through the fields on our way home from one of our fishing trips.

Or watching people who have boats sit for long periods of time and wondering if they are actually catching fish, and if not, why don’t they move on to another spot seeing how they have the ability to go anywhere on the lake…??

These folks spent most of the morning sitting in the spot I moved from just before they came, because I didn’t get even one nibble there even after trying that spot for over an hour. But don’t you know as soon as one of them put their hook in the water, they caught a fish…Go figure. 🙂

Yesterday, Bill went fishing by himself, because I can’t be out in the full sun for long periods of time everyday, and we had just fished together the day before. Bill said while driving to the reservoir he got caught up in a cattle drive. Little did he know, the cowboys were driving the cows right to the same reservoir where Bill went to fish.

Bill said about an hour after he drove past the cattle drive, the whole herd showed up to join him at his fishing spot.

Today Bill and I went back to that same reservoir, and watched two unsuspecting young women friends enjoy floating on inner tubes in the exact spot where the whole herd of cows were drinking, and doing their business… And these stand up paddle boarders had no idea what they were about to fall into either.. Oh well, like “they” say… “what you don’t know won’t hurt you… ” right? Just don’t swallow that water…


We really can’t complain about not catching any fish today, because our freezer is pretty full of fish right now. We have ten rainbow trout in our freezer,  but after the grilled fish and armadillo eggs BBQ we’re hosting this month, we will have lots more room in the freezer for…, more fish! :):)

Stay tuned!



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ellen739
    Jun 05, 2020 @ 14:46:53

    Beautiful area, you have a
    Wonderful retirement arrangement! God has blessed your life which I know you are aware of and living your life the way you have with so many adventures and happy things you have with your Bill. Thanks for sharing, really enjoy your blog.


    • beyondcinderella
      Jun 06, 2020 @ 11:41:08

      Yes, Aunt Ellen, we do have a great retirement arrangement that we love, and that works very well for us. We are blessed to be able to live in our beautiful motor home, and work camp all around the country allowing us to see and do so many great things, and we’re making so many great memories together. Love you. XoXo


  2. Robin
    Jun 06, 2020 @ 16:33:58

    Oh my! This kinda reminds me when we were traveling down Rio Coco in Nicaragua and saw the same thing. Unfortunately the people there had no choice because they didn’t have clean water OR a place to bath other than the river. Yikes…kinda scary. You would think they would post signs though to make folks aware. Keep staying safe and enjoying your beautiful area!! Love you both!


    • beyondcinderella
      Jun 06, 2020 @ 22:09:45

      I thought about you, and some of the stories you’ve shared with us about living conditions, and water conditions, in some of the areas where you’ve traveled around the world. Bill said he wondered what the girls floating in inner tubes, and swimming in that water, would do if he had the heart to share with them the picture of what the cows did there the day before. I totally agree that there should be signs up to let folks know what they are getting into. Love and virtual big hug. XoXo


  3. Megs
    Jun 06, 2020 @ 19:07:13

    I just love your adventures!!! I guess its good they had no idea the cows did their business in the water. It grosses me out!!!! I agree with Robin that they should post signs to make folks aware. Love and miss you!! xoxoxo


    • beyondcinderella
      Jun 06, 2020 @ 22:17:40

      Oh yes Megs, we do have a great time on our adventures. We just show up places and watch things happen that give us lots of good times and great memories. Our thoughts are, everyday is what you make it. We have a choice everyday of how we react to what is going on around us. One thing we’ve learned, since we have been living full-time RV for the past six years, is that almost nothing goes as expected. So you have to learn to go with the flow, and live in the moment as it’s happening, which we’ve found is a really great way to live. Love and miss you. XoXo


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